4 Signs You Must Hire A Dog Trainer

4 Signs  You Must Hire A Dog Trainer 1 Pawsindia

Whether they’d like to accept it or not, most dog masters are going to need to hire a dog trainer or go to an obedience class at some time or another. This isn’t a bad thing at all, it simply means that just like you would hire an expert to replace your roof, you should hire an expert to help you train your dog. Read More..

With so much information available on the Internet now, you can probably do a lot of minimal dog training by yourself, such as housebreaking and crate training. However, there are some very minor issues that can turn into big problems. They may not even seem like behaviour problems to you now, but they can and will grow into major disturbances. Before that occurs, you should have a trainer’s number in hand. So if you see any of these signs, you’ll want to hire a dog trainer.

#1 – Growling/Nipping

4 Signs  You Must Hire A Dog Trainer 2 Pawsindia

Growling and nipping are some of the initial signs of aggression in dogs. Most severe bites come from dogs that started with very light hint growls and nips that escalated into full-blown attacks. It doesn’t matter why or when your dog has growled or nipped at one, they need to be explained that the behaviour is unacceptable. Hire a trainer instantly and be honest with yourself about the danger this could pose if it escalates.#2

#2– Jumping

4 Signs  You Must Hire A Dog Trainer 3 Pawsindia

Jumping is a way dogs show their love and affection, but it’s largely inappropriate. Jumping hurts. People get scratched and knocked over and can actually be seriously harmed. Even if your dog means well, making sure they know that jumping on people is never an option is an important part of dog ownership. Being a reliable dog owner means showing your dog ways to display affection that doesn’t frighten or harm anyone.

#3– Guarding Objects

4 Signs  You Must Hire A Dog Trainer 4 Pawsindia

Even if it’s your dog’s very favourite bone, your pooch should never growl or attack someone attempting to take it away. Resource guarding is a very serious matter and should be addressed by a trainer quickly. Your dog might decide to resource guard anything – a toy, treat, food, bone, couch, bed, chair, etc. This basically means that your dog is claiming object as his or hers and will aggressively protect it if needed.

#4– Pulling On Leash

4 Signs  You Must Hire A Dog Trainer 5 Pawsindia

Pulling on a leash seems like a secondary behaviour, but it can become something more. First, your dog dragging you around is quite annoying and uncomfortable. But most important, you’re often not in control at all and your dog is going to drag you where he wants to go. Your walk should be going in your direction, not your dog’s. Heavy Dragging will often strain your muscles and even drag you right to the ground. This is serious for everyone, especially if your dog is approaching a strange person or animal.

These behaviours often seem very minor, but can turn into something serious very quickly. Your safest bet is to hire a professional trainer at the very first sign rather than waiting for you, your dog or someone else is ruined. Even if your sweet dog means well, bad behaviour is frowned upon and will often lead to legal issues down the road. Remember, it’s our responsibility to make sure our dogs are good canine neighbours!

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