5 Quick and Effective Ways to Train Your Dog

5 Quick and Effective Ways to Train Your Dog 1 Pawsindia

Are you the first time dog owner? Well, congratulations on becoming a proud owner of your canine companion. While you may be going all bonkers over your furry-buddy, there is a lot that you may have to work on. You may be throwing a party for the newly arrived pet, and yes it is indeed exciting. It can also be a bit daunting at first, especially when you are a first-time dog owner.

So, be it any time you bring home a pet, whether a puppy or an adult, be it any size or any breed, it is always essential that you should prepare beforehand and time to keep yourself abreast of all the ideas of what to expect from your newfound canine companion.

Right from assessing your dog’s behaviour, planning on dog’s training which includes your dog’s obedience training, choosing healthy dog food. If it’s a small puppy, then you may look for a puppy training guide, puppy training sessions, puppy care, potty training of the puppy and the likes.

For all your queries on proper dog training, your concerns on how to best train a puppy and access the puppy care information, we have compiled a list of to-dos:

A) Understand your pet better and keep patience

So, whether your furry-buddy is a pup or a full-grown adult, you will witness a kind of adjustment time-frame when your new companion comes home. We suggest you stay patient because pets are either nervous or overwhelmed when they arrive in a new family or a new home for the first time. A pet may appear aloof for a while, and then it may express a relaxed composure when they are completely comfortable. In the case of adult dogs, they need a longer period of time to adjust. On the other hand, puppies get accustomed more quickly but there is a need to find the best way to house train a puppy.

Tip: Spend a minimum of 1-2 hours with your pet to understand its behaviour and temperament.

B) Puppy training needs consistence

To have puppies at home is great fun. But to raise them is a responsible task. A lot goes in while the plan to raise puppies the perfect way. You will have to look into every aspect of puppy training techniques, puppy training advice, and you should not rule out the possibility of professional puppy training which help in understand puppy obedience training tips, gaining confidence from puppy training lessons and also know the right time for puppy leash training age. Owning a puppy, at times can make you feel like a full-time nanny. And if the puppy is very young, you need to tend it like a new-born. So, do your lessons at first to be ready for every responsibility your puppy expects from you.

Tip: Be consistent in the training. Do not give up or be too lenient just because it’s a cute puppy.

C) Training an adult dog in a perfect way

Adult dogs have a different temperament and most of them are from shelter-care. When you intend on adopting an adult dog, there are certain behavioural patterns they come with. But having an adult dog to have its advantage. All you need to do is seek advice from a dog behaviourist, understand the breed you are looking to adopt, knowing the facets of adult dog training and the likes. As a recommendation, it is good to buy some interactive adult dog toys for training purposes which can enhance dog agility and intelligence as well as sensing skills. Probably, you may master dog training tricks and raise the adult dog better.

Tip: Make the dog feel that you are the master and it needs to follow. You may not believe but dogs find it easy to have a commanding master.

5 Quick and Effective Ways to Train Your Dog 2 Pawsindia

D) Dogs love to play, teach them through games

Learning dog training techniques or browsing through dog training guide can help you to get your hands on basic dog training. However, dog training lessons needn’t pose a headache. Training your dog can be fun. It is easier to learn when you are at ease. Take it as a suggestion that implementing some games and fetch toys while training your puppy or training a new dog can make your dog training regime more interesting. You may also introduce your pet to crate training and leash training with ease when you are training them.

TIP: Playing fun games with your pet can help you earn its love and empower the bond.

E) Training your dog should be routine

The best way to train your dog or the best way to train a puppy is to introduce them to a well-structured regime of dog training programs or the pet training classes. The sooner you begin the better trained and well-mannered is your pet. It has been observed that developing a week-by-week schedule can help your dog training at home better results. Every week you can train in certain areas. Be it commands to work on or dog toilet training, Be it taming aggressive dog training or puppy obedience, or puppy potty training, dogs are happy when there are structure and the confidence they gain from training. You have to become a dog trainer for your pet even if you have hired one as eventually, you will be with your pet most of the time. And yes, a bit of disciple does no bad even to humans.

TIP: Dogs are quick learners and they respond well to a happy and friendly voice. So, yelling commands at them can put them into inaction.

Are you still pondering over the thought of commencing your training? Share it with us, probably we can help to make you and your pet a happy-buddy.

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