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Fetch Toys for Dogs

We are pretty sure your furry friend loves playing fetch! Just throw the ball, and off they go! If it were up to your dog, you would be playing fetch in the park for hours. But, you have to be honest, do you have the time to for it? 

Dogs require mental and physical stimulus depending on their breed and age and failing to get that stimulus, and they tend to become aggressive and anxious.

So what can you do?

What if we told you you could automate your dog’s playtime with AI and tech-powered toys? Imagine your furry friend living their best life, playing until they are exhausted! 

PawsIndia’s AI and tech-infused approach has led to us creating self-play fetch toys for dogs

So, what are they, and how do they work? These dog fetch ball are also called interactive toys. All you have to do is turn them on and see the magic. These toys are designed to attract your pets by bouncing, trembling, or even making sounds that entice them. Your doggy will be running after these toys for a very long time. 

Benefits and need for fetch toys for dogs:

Fetch toys are useful to keep your furry friend occupied and active. They are the solutions to every urban pet parent’s problems. Dog fetch ball ensures that your pet gets the right physical and mental stimulus they need. They improve your pet’s mental health and make them less anxious. Most importantly, PawsIndia’s fetch toys help urban pet parents get their work done without interruption. 

Grab one of these for your four-legged companion.