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Self Play Toys for Dogs

Self-play dog toys could be your dog’s favourite companion. At PawsIndia, we found that it is tough for urban dog parents as well as dogs. It is relatively easy to be blinded for your dog’s needs by continually juggling various tasks and managing the house and work. 

When failing to get the right exercise and help, dogs end up struggling with physical and mental issues. Obesity, depression, anxiety, the list goes on and on.  

What can you do about this? Say hello to self-play dog toys

Self-play dog toys, or smart dog toys, are designed so your dog can play by themselves with self-play toy’s tech and AI-infused mechanism. You can leave your dog with self-play toys for hours and not worry about them.

There are a lot of benefits to self-play toys. They help keep your four-legged companions occupied and engaged. Smart dog toys are great for obese dogs as they can help get them back in shape with constant stimulus and activity. Self-play toys help get rid of anxiety, boredom, and depression by providing the required stimulus. 

Check out these self-play toys below.