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Tug Toys for Dogs

Does your furry friend love to tug on your sweater sleeve, chew on your bed frame, and most of your furniture? Oh, the damage! But you can’t blame your dog for something that they can’t control. Most dogs have chewing and tugging tendencies, and they end up destroying your household belongings. 

Solution? You can give them a tug toy or suction cup dog toys, so they do not tug on other things and destroy them. 

Need and benefits of tug toys for dogs:

Tug toys for dogs help with your dog’s tugging and teething needs. It saves your furniture and valuables from getting damaged. Soothes your dog’s mind. It helps get rid of anxiety in dogs. They are psychologically pleasing and hence reduce your dog’s tugging tendencies. Saves your household from slow and painful destruction. It helps keep your dog’s teeth and gum healthy. Keeps your dog occupied and engaged so you can get your work done. All this tugging leads to a dentally sound and healthy dog.

Pawsindia has a varied collection of tug toys for dogs and suction cup dog toys of various designs, functionalities and purpose. 

Check out our tug toy collection below.