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Is your dog getting the right amount of exercise and activity that is necessary? Dogs need the right amount of physical and mental stimulus to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Failing to get that, they act out and become anxious. Not receiving enough exercise also leads to obesity in dogs.

PawsIndia understands an urban pet parent; it is impossible to spend hours with your pet and play with the. This is how the idea of interactive toys for dogs sparked at PawsIndia.

What are interactive toys? 

Interactive toys for dogs or interactive dog ball are dogs are built using PawsIndia AI and a tech-infused approach. These toys interact with your dog, keeping them company with your involvement, making you available to get your chores done. Interactive dog ball is great for urban pet parents who are always multitasking and juggling work and home. 

Interactive toys for dogs have a lot of benefits. Interactive toys help tackle obesity in dogs by giving the required exercise and engagement. They help keep your dog physically and mentally healthy. A tired dog is a happy dog who does not exhibit any destructive behaviour. 

Get your hands on these life savers today!