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Soft Toys for Dogs

PawsIndia’s collection of soft toys for dogs will make a lifetime companion for your dog. These soft toys are cute and designed to keep your dog engaged. Frisby soft toys by PawsIndia can be an eco-friendly alternative to plastic balls or tennis balls. It is a treat to watch your dog chase the Frisby soft toy at the park.

Need and Benefits:

The Frisby soft toy can help you train your dog to various tricks like high jumping, catching things in the air, and an excellent toy for exercise. The soft toy is strong and durable and won’t tear even if you got an aggressive doggy. 

The frisbee can help you deal with various issues in dogs like aggressiveness, anxiety, obesity, to name a few. You can have a jolly day at the park in your house playing with your dog and teaching them tricks. Frisby soft toys also help lower the dog’s negative behaviour and stimulate them physically and mentally, making their mental health better. The toy also increases the non-verbal bond between you and your doggo by coordination and a lot of playtime. 


This is one of the most durable soft toys on the market. It is easy to clean and works great for dogs of any size. It is an excellent alternative to hard balls as they won’t damage or break things around the house if you decide to play catch in your home.