How can we help you?

Do you sell pets?

No we don’t. Only products for pet care.

Can your products be customized?

No,You can’t customize our products currently.we may offer this particular service in future.

Do you offer any grooming services?

No, We don’t offer grooming services currently but we may offer those services in future.

If something I desire is not in stock, can I separately make order for it?

Yes, you can make special inquiries on call, facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

Besides dogs and cats, do you provide products for different kinds of of pets?

We mainly offer products for cats and dogs beside thatwe also offer products for variety of small pets.

Is online only option to purchase products from pawsindia?

To order our products you can use major social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram also you can call or email us.

What's Your return policy?

Our return policy has a time limit of 15 days.

What are your payment options?

You can pay us through cash, debit/credit cards, UPI and net banking.

If addition details of products are desired can I contact you?

Yes, you can call on our official number or you can DM us on Instagram and ping us on WhatsApp.You can also refer our email id.

Is order cancellation in your portfolio?

Yes, you can cancel your order before the product is being dispatched by logging in on our website.

Will I receive a damaged product?

Each and every product from pawsindia is security checked. In case u receive a damaged product you can enquire about your complaint through our email id.

How many days will it take before I receive my order?

Your product will be dispatched within 24 hours after placing the order,it may take 3 to 4 working days.

Can I exchange the product after being bought?

If the product criteria meet our terms and conditions you can exchange your product.

Why haven't I received my product yet?

Your product may be delayed because of major weather changes or political barriers or some technical issues. Contact us to issue your complaint.

Can I expect your presence at exhibitions/events?

Yes, we follow exhibitions and events follow us on social media platforms to be notified.

Are delivery charges applied?

Yes, delivery charges are mandatory because we promise our customers quality products and on-time delivery which needs to be monetized.

Who is your preferred delivery partner? Can I change it to my own will?

We choose the most reliable delivery partners in the market which after dispatching your order will be emailed to you, also we don’t give our customers options to choose between delivery partners as it’s our policy.

Does your company ship Internationally?

No, not currently but it’s work in progress.

What if I was not present when the delivery was attempted?

Our Courier companies make more than one delivery attempt if you missed it the first time you will definitely receive your product on the second attempt.

Have you set up a physical store?

No, we haven’t but definitely in the future.