Indian Celebrities and their dogs

Indian Celebrities and their dogs 1 Pawsindia

Amitabh Bachchan with Shanouk

This Bollywood biggie has a Pirana Dane named “Shanouk”. The dogs name as tweeted by Mr. AB “ Shanouk means a gentle warm breeze on a cold morning” . Pirana Dane is the world’s tallest dog breed. This dog lived a glamorous lifestyle and has featured in various dog magazines. Read More..

This dog is nomore in the world but has left great memories for the Bollywood Megastar.

Salman khan and Myson and Myjaan

To understand the equation between Salman khan and his dogs you can split their names as My-son and My-jaan , says it all.
Salman khan had two Bull Mastiffs. This breed is highly protective and fearless. The Bollywood king does not have his dogs anymore , they are immortalised in a plaque near Mehboob studios.

Indian Celebrities and their dogs 2 Pawsindia

Alia Bhat and Edward Bhat

Alia bhat has a Persian cat. For everyone who follows her on Instagram is well aware of this pretty this. The young indian sensation had gift the cat to herself on her birthday and claims that he is a bigger superstar than her. Alia has been associated with amazing pet friendly campaigns PETA being one of them.
Her love for saving animals and their welfare was never hidden.

Indian Celebrities and their dogs 3 Pawsindia

Anushka Sharma and Dude

Anushka shamra calls her dog “Dude”. Her love for animals is something that everybody is well aware of. She owns a white Labrador. Its is one of the worlds most famous dog breeds these dogs are easy trustworthy and reliable. Anushka sharma comes from and army background and is a huge supporter of animal healthcare.

Indian Celebrities and their dogs 4 Pawsindia

Priyanka Chopra and Diana

Priyanka Chopra has had pets in the past. Diana is an addition to the family. It’s a rescued puppy. She adopted this puppy in New York while shooting for her film. Priyanka has an other cocker spaniel but its too old to travel. She then decided to add a new family member and adopted this rescued dog. Priyanka chopra has been associated with PETA for years now.

Indian Celebrities and their dogs 5 Pawsindia

Virat Kohli with Bruno

Virat kohli likes to call his four legged family member Bruno.
Bruno is 3 years old and has got the same charismatic personality as Virat kholi. Virat has had a pet all his life and feels incomplete without them,he feeds Bruno proper dog food. Bruno is a new addition to the kohli family has he has had a white Pomeranian and a golden Labrador retriever named Rico. Bruno is considered to be virat’s lucky charm.

Indian Celebrities and their dogs 6 Pawsindia

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