National Puppy Day – Rescue a Puppy this year!

To all pet owners out there Pawsindia.com wishes you a very happy National Puppy Day! The world is swamping with days and celebrations for almost everything. We are not complaining at all as it offers opportunities for businesses and act as a window for social issues. Not defeating the purpose while celebrating, we need to take care as a responsible pet nurturer the importance of this day. PawsIndia.com tries to spread the awareness towards the same to all extent. Let’s take a look at why the world is celebrating this day!:

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Colleen Paige
(source : colleenpaige.com)

Colleen Paige, who is also the founder of National Dog Day and National Cat Day, founded the celebration in 2006. She is considered to be one of America’s leading Pet & Family Lifestyle Experts. An animal behaviorist, interior designer, writer, photographer, author of The Good Behavior Book For Dogs, etc., she is actively involved in life-saving projects for pets worldwide.

She has not only helped to save millions of unwanted pets in the last ten years but the social media buzz consistently trending #1 worldwide on Twitter, Google and Yahoo is practically palpable. National Puppy Day has actually become an international celebration and has trended on social media every year since 2012.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Online and in stores, a whopping 99 percent of puppies come from puppy mills, no matter what the breeder or store says. Mother dogs remain locked in cages their whole lives and have half the life expectancy of the average dog. Twenty percent of their puppies don’t even make it to stores.

When we talk about dog grooming and care there are still a lot of dogs that are locked behind bars for eternity just to provide puppies to people like us. Doesn’t matter whether it is pet shop online or street pet market, they get their products (pets) from puppy mills. We buy puppies without realizing where they come from, how they were kept and bred before. That’s the reason all the enlightened dog lovers insist on adopting not buying pets,

“If you want a puppy, adopt don’t buy.” – Colleen Paige

To raise the awareness on horrors of puppy mills, Colleen Paige, decided to work for it. She announced 23rd March as National Puppy Day.

National Puppy Day is dedicated to the lovely dogs all over the world. The motive is to help as many orphan dogs as possible and throw light upon the atrocities carried out by puppy mill owners. After understanding the urgency and gravity of this issue National Puppy Day spread like lightning and soon became an international celebration and has trended on social media every year since 2012.

Fun Stuff to do this day!

Some ideas to celebrate National Puppy Day:

  • If you are a busy person but want to be the change feed a stray dog every day. Take his responsibility in sickness and health.
  • Adopt puppies from animal shelter. Most cities have a local shelter where you can visit and adopt a pet in the same day. 
  • If you don’t want to adopt you can donate dog toys, dog collars and dog cloths to animal shelters or other organizations that take care of animals. You can also make a financial donation to organizations such as ASPCA and the Humane Society.
  • Spread awareness by using hashtags #nationalpuppyday on social media and also share pictures of your dogs.
  • Watch the documentaries Dog By Dog, Madonna of the Hills and I’m Alive to know more about the realities of puppy mills.
  • If you are already a dog owner spoil him spending quality time with him, brush his coat, take him for a walk and buy him luxury dog beds online to take care of his good night sleep. 

Let us vow to save a life this year and set an example among pet-owners around the world! So how do you plan to celebrate this day!? Share it with our team. Write to us at contact@pawsindia.com.

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