Banana Printed Red Ganji Dog Tank

banana print red ganji for dogs
red ganji tshirt for dogs

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banana print red ganji for dogs
red ganji tshirt for dogs
Pawsindia dog/cat tanks are the perfect addition to your dog wardrobes this summer. These ganjis are great for everyday use as well as occasion wear. Extremely easy to wear these dog ganjis have a velcro attachment on side for an effortless dressing experience. The velcro also allows the dog ganjis to remain a comfortable fit for dogs throughout the day. Helps in controlling shedding and helping with skin burns and other skin related issues. Dog ganjis help keep the skin issues disinfected. Extremely breathable and pet for the scorching heat this summer in India, these are made out of 100% cotton. Human grade stitching on the dog tanks help pet owners get full use out of the products as this will last in your pets wardrobe forever. Can be hands washed or machines washed.  Amazing quality prints which last forever.  Pawsindia dog ganjis are great for short coat and long coat dogs both. Launching all over prints for dogs for the first time in India, let your dog rock pawsindia ganjis in style.

features :
  • Regular fit 
  • Velcro on the side for easy wearing 
  • 100% cotton 
  • Human grade stitching 
  • Breathable  
  • All over prints 
  • Machine wash/hand wash suitable for cats as well