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We hear about pet parents complaining their dog not getting enough exercise, acting out, chewing on home furniture. You can now buy dog toys and help your dog. Our team at PawsIndia did some thinking, and we bring you one of the best dog toys- Tug of the wall. 

Tug of wall is India's first hands-free toy designed to help dogs with their dental problems, obesity, anxiety, and depression. The molar bite toy dangling out is a chew toy and a must-have for your dog to keep his teeth healthy. This self-play dog toy ensures that your dog is engaged for hours; it's also an excellent Treat toy! 


  • Hands-free toy: The toy is 100% hands-free. All you have to do is stick the toy's rubber end to your wall or floor and watch your dog play with it until they are satisfied and calm. If you are looking to buy dog toys online, this is the one for you.
  • Dog chew toys: The other end of the toy contains a chewing sphere. It has soft bristles to it, which ensures good dental health for your dog.
  • Tugging resistance: The toy has an elastic band that provides good resistance to your dog, however aggressive they are. This ensures that your dog has fun.
  • Food dispenser: The molar bite ball at the end can be filled with a treat to encourage your dog to play and keep themselves entertained. This way, you also get to control your dog's food intake and also reward them with treats when they play.
  • Safe chew every time: The toy is made from non-toxic and safe plastic. This ensures your dog is not exposed to something harmful. 



  • The hands-free feature in this dog toy online is a savior. It helps pet parents get their work done without worry about their dog. All you have to do is stick the toy to the wall and go about your day.
  • When your dog gets the tugging resistance, it acts as an interactive toy. It responds to your dog's energy by resisting the tugging.
  • The toy encourages playtime and exercise without your dig realising it. This helps dog tackle obesity and helps them get the proper exercise.
  • Helps deal with anxiety and depression: Dogs, when they do not get the proper exercise and stimulation, get bored, which leads to anxiety and depression in dogs. The toy gives your dog the required stimulus to keep them mentally and physically healthy. 

 Dental Benefits:

  • Clean teeth: Chewing on the end ball helps clean your dog's teeth. The molar bite on the toy is the solution to your dog's dental problems.
  • Strengthen jaw: The toy helps strengthen your dog's jaw when your dog chews on it.
  • Teething solution: Dogs go through the process of teething when they are puppies. During this time, they get the itch to bite on things. This leads to destroyed furniture and belongings. These puppy toys online help your dog calm their nerves by chewing on the ball.
  • Saves your home those aggressive chewers: Many aggressive and hyperactive dogs release their energy by chewing on furniture and other belongings. You can instead give the toy to your dog to chew on. 

 Material: The tug of wall is made from non-toxic plastic, and the rope is made from cotton mix nylon rope. 

 How To Use- All you have to do is stick the suction part to the wall, and your dog can play, push and pull the molar bite toy that will be dangling out. The suction is powerful and sturdy that is the perfect dog toy for large dogs. It is a must-have durable dog toy.

 Suitable for: Dogs of all size.

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Navjot Singh

Tug of Wall - red

Great product

The toy is great and my lab loves playing with it

Deepali Nimbalkar
Tug of Wall - red

The Toy is great and my pet enjoys it !

Akash Bhateja