Egg Bell Dog Toy - Red

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PawsIndia brings to you one of the best dog toys for puppies. Just take a look at this new and improved rubber bell toy for dogs. This dog toy not only entertains the dog in their alone time but also solves multiple issues. The hidden bell inside this rubber ball will make sure your dog keeps coming back to the toy. A perfect dog toy for young puppies as it satisfies their chewing and teething needs.

It helps tackle anxiety and depression in dogs by keeping them occupied. The toy can also be used to play fetch providing your dog with daily exercise and avoiding obesity. What's more, is that you can even use the toy to hide treats. This will inculcate the value of patience in your dog and teach them to eat their food slowly. The rubber in this dog chew toy is durable but at the same time 100% natural and safe for your dog.

If you are looking to buy a toy for your small or medium-sized pup, this might just be the one for you.


  • Natural Rubber: Keeping in mind your dog's safety, only natural rubber is used in the toy. The natural rubber is safe to chew and suitable for your dog's jaw. It has just the right amount of hardness which makes chewing on the toy desirable and stimulating for your dog. 
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike plastic and other harmful materials, natural rubber is eco-friendly. 
  • Chew-proof: The toy is tried and tested on aggressive chewers. It can sustain any amount of chewing and biting. This is great for aggressive chewers who end up destroying almost all the toys they get. 
  • Safe: We have put a lot of effort into making the toy safe for your furry friends. Right from their material to their chew design, you will notice the attention to detail. You can leave the toy with your dog and go about your day without a single worry. 

How to use: 

Leave the toy with your dog to keep occupied and stimulated, all while cleaning their teeth. You can even add a treat or two in the natural rubber sphere to further entice your dog to play. When they chew a certain way, they get to eat the treat. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Boredom: Boredom in dogs is at the root of anxiety. It can lead to some severe problems like depression in dogs. You get rid of boredom and watch your furry friend live their best life. 
  • Chew time partner: Dogs get the tendency to chew on things, and you end up with chewed up furniture and belongings. Dog chew toys can be of great help here. This chew toy helps satisfy that chewing need. The toy is specially designed to be your dog's chewing partner. 
  • Clean teeth: Most dog parents complain about their dogs resisting brushing their teeth. It can be quite a task! But, worry not; when your dog chews on this dog toy, it cleans their teeth and reaches places your dog’s resist when you brush their teeth. This ensures excellent dental hygiene. 
  • Weight management: Obesity is common among dogs. The toy helps tackle obesity in dogs as it promotes playtime, exercise, physical and mental stimulation. The toy ensures that your dog gets the right amount of exercise and stimulation 
  • AnxietyAnxiety in dogs mostly goes undiagnosed but is very common. It arises from the lack of exercise and mental stimulation. The toy solves both these pain points by keeping your dog engaged as well as stimulating their mind. All you have to do is hand it to your dog and watch them tire themselves to sleep. 
  • Teething: Puppies go through teething where they get the itch on the bite of things. Hand them this toy and help them with their twitch. This is one of the best puppy toys online. 
  • Training: The toy can be used to train your dog to do various tricks. A bright and well-trained doggo is a happy doggo. 
  • Retrieving toy: This toy is an excellent alternative to tennis balls. It is easy to throw, suitable for your dog's jaw and safe. 
  • Secret treat: You can hide a treat or two in the rubber sphere, which your dog will be lured to play and exercise. 

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