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One of the most common problems urban pet parents face is keeping up with their dog's exercise and play needs. Parents in cities have to juggle home, work and are constantly multi-tasking, making it difficult for them to play with their dog, leading to obesity, destructive behavior, and many other things. 


Playtime and exercise can be fun when done right. Dogs of various breed need the right amount of activity and stimulus to stay physically and mentally sound. Failing to get the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to anxiety, depression, and obesity in dogs.

Dog toys can be a great help in these cases. With endless options of dog toys online, it can be challenging to choose the best dog toys for your dog. 

If you are looking to buy dog toys online, PawsIndia brings you yet another brilliant toy that can make your life as a pet parent better and keep your doggies in good shape. Enlarge by PawsIndia is a carefully curated toy that aims to make playtime for dogs safe and fun. It works great as a dog toy for puppy.


  • Crinkle: The center of the toy is filled with crinkle paper. The crinkle paper makes sounds that your dog is attracted to. It holds the dog's attention longer. 
  • Soft stuffing: The toy has soft stuffing in the head. It is excellent for your dog to chew on and get some jaw exercise. 
  • Waterproof layer: The toy's outer layer is waterproof, which helps keep the toy clean from your dog's drool. 
  • Sturdy and tug resistant: The toy is solid and sturdy. 
  • Non-toxic: Non-toxic material ensures your dog is safe at all times. 
  • Embroidered eyes and nose: Buttons and tiny objects can be swallowed by dogs, so it is unsafe for dogs. This is why the eyes and the nose of the toy are embroidered. This ensures that your pet has zero choking risks and makes it safe to chew toys for dogs.


  • Crinkle sounds to keep your puppy engaged.
  • Keeps teeth safe and gums strong by massaging them when your dog chews on the head of the toy—one of the best puppy chew toys.
  • A waterproof layer means the toy easy to clean and will not hold your doggy's drool.
  • The material is as sturdy as it gets. Let your dog tug and chew at the toy, however strong or aggressive your dog. 
  • The soft material is perfect for sensitive dogs.
  • The toy is made out of entirely non-toxic materials, which means safe playtime.

Dental Benefits:

Enlarge dog toy has quite a few dental benefits. The toy can help dogs keep their teeth clean by cleaning the teeth when your doggo chews and tugs on it. It is one of the best dog teething toys. All this chewing and tugging is suitable for dogs as it strengthens their jaw. It is also one of the best puppy toys online as it helps teething puppies satisfy their chewing and tugging needs. 

Material: The toy is made from non-toxic cotton material. 

Suitable for: Dogs all size

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