Natural Yak Milk Chews 60g

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Chewing is enjoyable for dogs since it soothes them and helps them unwind. This
chew can be given to your pet to keep them occupied and quiet for a short period of
time. You can put it in the microwave for a few seconds after they've chewed it
down to a small piece, and it'll become a crunchy bit that your dog can eat. We
recommend that this, like other chews and toys, be provided under the supervision
of a pet parent.

• An all-natural recipe, 100% Natural
• Made from natural milk
• No preservatives or chemicals
• Low fat, high calcium and protein
• Gluten-free, Non-staining
• Healthier alternative to raw-hide bones
• Single Ingredient

• It is a long lasting chew so your pet will stay occupied for hours
• It is rich in protein and calcium
• It scrapes of plaque and tartar as your dog chews, promoting dental health.

Weight : 60g.

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