Mutton Liver Stew

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Pet Parents always want to feed their pets fresh and homemade food, therefore Fresh for Paws brings a whole new range of fresh dog feed, homemade with love!
This dog food is an assortment of Olive oil- the brain food for dogs and veggies rich in protein, calcium, fiber, carbs, vitamins and mineral and human grade animal protein that makes it an ideal diet for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
Fresh For Paws dog food is the easiest way to feed fresh to your pooch as it comes in convenient packaging, all you have to do is just cut and serve this yummy food in your doggie bowl, your pooch will fall in love with the taste!
This food is free from grains and preservatives that make it 100 percent natural diet which promotes better digestion in dogs and also makes the skin and coats healthy. This feed also improves the working of the immune system and maintains energy levels in growing dogs.

Dog Food Casserole is ready to eat dog food with freshness in every bite. This food comes in convenient packaging, just cut and serve.
This dog food is made with Olive oil which is considered as the brain food for dogs. This oil not only helps in brain development, but also improves the immune system, boosts energy level, and also prevents premature ageing.
This dog food contains mutton liver- a ‘unique’ source of protein and rich in nutrients, vitamins; carrots- high in fiber that makes it an apt diet for dogs of all breeds and sizes.
This diet is an assortment of human grade veggies like carrots, potatoes, peas and benefits of green.
This feed is grain free that makes it an easy to digest food and fresh veggies help in improving your pooch’s digestion.

Olive Oil- The brain food for dogs keep their minds beautiful and cloud-free that helps in their overall development. Olive oil in dogs diet helps in boosting the immune system and also promotes their dental health.
Mutton Liver (Lamb)- This is a popular meat source"&" for pet food as it contains source of protein, driven by the increase in targeting allergic skin conditions in dogs. Mutton (Lamb) is extremely rich in nutrients and it is a vital part of your dog diet.
Potatoes- These stems are a good source of vitamin"&" A, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium that makes it an ingredient that should be added in the dogs diet.
Carrots- These roots have anti-oxidant properties that help in healthy cell development and are a good source of vitamin A that supports eye health.
Peas- Peas are a good source of vitamin B, thiamine, phosphorous, and potassium.

Age Group: Above 3 months.

Shelf Life: 2 Years.

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