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An all-time classic in our single ingredient range, our Chicken chunks are suitable for dogs of all age groups and breed sizes. You can use this as training treat or an actual protein source, if your dog prefers dry/dehydrated meat. It is also a good fallback option if you cannot cook meat at home or are travelling with your dog. Lastly, the tightly packed jerky is relatively tough and chewy and also helps with removal of plaque and tartar buildup for overall dental hygiene.

Our All natural white meat based treat is a highly condensed protein source and is made exclusively from chicken breast, which has the highest protein to fat percentage. Unlike commercial treats available in market, we do not use any flavor, colors or preservatives for enhancing the visual and taste appeal or extending shelf life. Additionally, this product has no grains in it and therefore is a safe and healthy option for dogs prone to gluten allergies.

Our products are cooked in a human grade kitchen (FSSAI certified) using high quality locally sourced ingredients. We handpick the chicken breast pieces which go into making this treat, discarding as much as 30% of total mass which is high in insoluble fat, ligaments and similar “low protein” by-products. Post that, the meat is cut across the fiber gradients to minimize crumbles (small grain like pieces) and ensure uniform dehydration. Finally, all the screened meat pieces undergo multiple rounds of gentle dehydration to achieve the optimal balance between crispiness and tenderness.
All of this, to get The perfect rewarding treat for your dog.

Nutritional Benefits -

  • Made from chicken breast so has the lowest fat percentage
  • Highest source of protein, essential amino acids and glucosamine which keeps the bones healthy
  • Helps with removal of plaque and tartar buildup for overall dental hygiene
  • Chicken Chunks are great training treats

Key Features -

  1. All Natural: Zero preservatives, colors, taste enhancers or synthetic supplements
  2. No grains/gluten: Single ingredient range containing only meat
  3. Highest source of protein, essential amino acids and glucosamine that keeps the bones healthy
  4. High protein & low fat: Uses only chicken breast which has highest protein to fat ratio
  5. Ideal rewarding treat which can also be used as snack
  6. Ideal food add-on for Fussy eaters
  7. Easy to feed and store zip lock packing
  8. Formulated by clinical canine nutritionist

Breed : For all breeds.
Shipping Policy : Order will be dispatched within 48 hours from our kitchen.

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