Indoor dog toy combo pack

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Pawsindia Combo pack includes 3 interactive toys great for all dog breeds and sizes.


Wobble wag

Wobble wag is an interactive dog toy specially designed to keep your dog active.  When pushed around, picked up or shaken around this interactive pet toy makes fun giggly noises. This battery-less pet toy is the perfect way to keep your dog active and occupied when you’re not around as the noises will always make him curious. This indoor pet toy which has been a best seller in the UK and US market is now in India and specially designed to help your dog with obesity. It is flexible and durable toy to keep your furry friend happy and fit. It is one of the best self-play toy in the market. 
Materials- Non-toxic Plastic 

How To Use- As it is a battery-less pet toy, all you have to do is keep it near your dog for it to play. 

Suitable For- All dog sizes 



Magic Roller Electronic Dog Ball

An interactive dog toy can get your pet an incredible level of activeness. The Magic Roller is one such innovation which acts as a boredom buster for dogs. The electronic ball for pets is a battery-operated dog toy ball and its scrolling keeps your furry-buddy busy. The dog toy ball is designed to stimulate your pet's senses and helps in preventing their unnecessary destructive behaviour triggered by boredom or anxiety. The interactive dog ball isn't just attractive but easy to clean. The magic toy ball comes in 4 bright covers and this toy holds the potential to keep your pet super-active. It has an internal electric vibrator so this spongy space ball will spread everywhere so your dog/cat feels motivated and excited to discover how it runs in all spaces like crazy.

Features- Magic Roller is the best pet toy out there in the market for physical stimulation of your dog. It is a battery-operated toy which rolls automatically and silently piquing your pet’s interest. This dog toy is suitable for large and small dogs/cats. This plush pet toy has an electric vibrator inside and is soft and spongy from the outside. After you switch it on, it runs everywhere and keeps your pet entertained for hours. If you are a busy pet parent with a needy fur kid, this toy will give him all the attention and physical exercise. 

Materials- + 4 plush covers and a nontoxic plastic ball.

How To Use- As it is a battery-operated toy, all you have to do is switch it on and off according to your requirements and wait for the magic to happen.

Suitable For- All size dogs and cats.


Treat Tumbler

Treat tumbler is a fun-evoking interactive dog toy to keep your dog active and happy. This pet toy is a slow feeder and dispenses treats as and when you would want it. It allows the dog to see, smell, hear and later taste the treat as he is playing with it which indeed evokes all his senses. When your pet rolls it skilfully it dispenses the treat as a reward to the dog and also keeps him active throughout. This, in turn, ensures that the dog is active and fights with obesity effectively. Keeping your pet busy through a long span of time this is essential to take a few minutes of from the day watching your pet play. An absolute friend to pet owners it keeps the pet consumed and exercised.

Materials- Non-toxic plastic 

How To Use- Add your treats/ kibbles into tumbler after opening the lid from the top, but the quantity as per your requirement and just let you pet sniff it before leaving in on the ground.

Suitable For- All size dogs and cats


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