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PawsIndia is delighted to bring you this dog chew toy. It is one of the best dog toys- the Ultimate Chew toy. It has an inbuilt speaker, and it squeaks. It has fun, vibrant colours, has dental benefits, and helps tackle anxiety and depression in dogs. 

The stuffed squeaky toy is of the highest possible quality and is there with you for a very long time. If you are looking to buy dog toys or puppy toys online, this is a great toy. 


  • Inbuilt speaker: 

The toy comes with an inbuilt speaker to keep your dog engaged, and sound stimulated. The inbuilt speaker makes funny squeaky sounds that intrigue your dog when your dog bites on the toy or press it. 

  • Bright colours: 

The bright colours on the toy are hard to miss and super playful. The bright colours also act as a visual stimulus that entices your dog to play.

  • Vivid designs:

The vivid designs on the toy are super playful and fun to look at. 

  • Durable:

The toy is made from very tough materials that make the toy durable and long-lasting. It can survive all of your dog’s chewing and tugging. 


  • The inbuilt speaker is built to grab your dogs attention and keep them playing for longer. It makes fun squeaky sounds that keeps a dog hooked to the squeaky toy

  • The bright and vivid colour is ideal for dogs as dogs are drawn towards the toy, noticing the bright, beautiful colours.

  • The toy is long-lasting. It is made possible by using the best quality and rigid materials like the corduroy core. 

  • The toy stimulates dogs to get more exercise and playtime to get into the best physical shape. 

  • Many dogs tend to develop destructive behaviour; you can put an end to it by keeping them busy physically and mentally stimulated and channel their violent behaviour into playtime.

  • The more your dog plays and exercise, the lesser they will be stressed. This toy aims to reduce stress in dogs. 

  • More fun: The toy has multiple features that make it better than most common toys. The squeaky sound and the chewing features keep your dog better engaged. 

  • Prevent barking and destruction: Dogs, when they get bored, tend to develop destructive behaviour. This is also a great dog toy for a puppy.

  • Reduce anxiety: Anxiety in dogs is common. It arises due to boredom, stress and inactivity. The toy will keep your dog engaged, leaving no room for boredom and destructive behaviour.

  •  Durable: The toy is highly durable and can withstand all your dog’s tugging and chewing. 

  • Clean teeth: Your dog constantly biting and chewing on the toy cleans their teeth and keeps their dental health in good shape. 

  • Long-lasting toy: The stuffed squeaky chew toy is made with a corduroy core, making it very strong. So however aggressive your dog, the toy will last long. This feature makes it the best chew toys for dogs teeth.

  • Portable: Your dog can trot around everywhere, carrying the toy in their mouth and play with it whenever they want to. The toy is easy to carry and can be your dog’s playtime companion. 


  • Thick Corduroy core: The robust and thick corduroy core makes the toy durable and long-lasting. This core protects the toy from tearing or getting damaged. 

  • Waterproof fabric: The waterproof outer cloth is used to keep the toy clean, dry, and dry. 

  • Soft cotton: The soft cotton stuffing in the plush dog toy is kind and gentle when your dog chews on the toy, making it one of the best dogs chew toys.

The thick corduroy and the soft cotton are ideal choices as the corduroy offers the required strength, and the soft cotton protects the teeth and jaw and offers the necessary resistance. Still, considering to buy dog toys online? This is the one for you.

Suitable for: Dogs of all sizes.

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Peppa The pig

My baby loved it. She cuddles the Peppa The big with so much fun. Thanks so much for the lovely pink colour and good material .Need more toys in pink please