Wobble Wag Interactive Dog Ball

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Features- Wobble wag is an interactive dog toy specially designed to keep your dog active.  When pushed around, picked up or shaken around this interactive pet toy makes fun giggly noises. This battery-less pet toy is the perfect way to keep your dog active and occupied when you’re not around as the noises will always make him curious. This indoor pet toy which has been a best seller in the UK and US market is now in India and specially designed to help your dog with obesity. It is flexible and durable toy to keep your furry friend happy and fit. It is one of the best self-play toy in the market. 
Materials- Non-toxic Plastic 

How To Use- As it is a battery-less pet toy, all you have to do is keep it near your dog for it to play. 

Suitable For- All dog sizes 

Customer Reviews

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- Is a good play ball. Gives out some sounds when moved which puzzles the dog to continue to play

Super Sturdy and makes cute sound.

I have 2 indie female pets, and one of them is an aggressive chewer. Have ordered a lot of balls over the last 1 year to keep them busy but nothing survived. She would chew and gulp all the rubber down her belly. Felt this one was a bit expensive and thought a lot before buying it, but trust me THIS WOBBLE WAG is worth every single penny you spend on it. Right from the time i took it out from the box my younger one owned it and she literally worships it and doesn't let the older one touch this ball. she tries hard to chew it and to my surprise the wag doesn't have even a single mark of her teeth. so impressed by it that i have ordered another tug toy for my older pet for her birthday and will be buying the cool mats for summers.

Awesome sturdy toy

Thanks to PawsIndia for having Wobble Wag Interactive Dog Ball in stock, this came in really handy to keep our 7.5 month old GSD. She thoroughly enjoys playing with this toy, she plays all by herself mostly and when needed she shares it with her humans :)
The ball is sturdy enough and does not get damaged easily, we have seen her push it down a flight of stairs and the ball has still remained intact.
The ball is a bit heavy, so when pets are playing with their humans then we should make sure to follow all safety precautions, if this ball gets dropped on human feet it can hurt.
PS - this is not a paid review!


Wobble Wag Interactive Dog Ball

Depends on dog's interest

As both of my babies are totally not interested in the ball may be they are small as one is 4 months old and another is 3 months old but the product is good and on time delivery is very much helpful