Wooden Ring Rope Toy

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 After the success of the Borromean rings and Roman Ring, PawsIndia introduces another built-to-last rope toy for your pet doggo - Wooden Ring Rope Toy. A rugged, durable toy to play tug with your buddy. Get the roman rings rope toy for your buddy and regulate their aggression with cheerful play. A must-have toy for aggressive dogs who love chewing and tugging. A great chewing toy for dogs who are especially in their teething stage of life.

The Wooden Ring rope toy as the name suggests has a soft wooden ring on one end while the other end has a 100% cotton rope handle. It is hand-made and extremely sturdy, making it difficult to break. The rope toy is non-toxic, heavy-duty, 100% cotton, which can easily handle your dog's hard biting and heavy pulls. The wooden ring is made of softwood that is perfect for chewing and playing tug. Both the sides of the toy offer an ergonomic and strong grip so you both can enjoy your tugging sessions carefreely. The toy while being a great play buddy is also quite practical. It diverts your dog's aggression and naturally calms them. It also cleans their teeth and strengthens their gums quite effectively.

Rope toys have proven immaculate results in a puppy's growing stage when they undergo teething. It is a great alternative to usual tennis or rubber balls which are harmful to both the pupper and the environment. Grab this toy for your pet today.

- Features:
  • Soft Wooden ring
  • 100% cotton
  • Non-toxic, eco friendly
  • Hand made
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic Grip

- Benefits of rope toys for dogs:
  • Helps in dental cleaning cleaning
  • Great for teething puppies
  • Great for gum strengthening
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Cleans your dogs' teeth
  • Acts as a mental stimulus for your pet
  • Helps in stress relief and anxiety relief

- Material: Non-toxic, eco-friendly, 100% cotton

- How To Use: Just hand it to your dog and watch the happiness unfold. Just witness them play and chew on the rings to their heart's content. This will help calm their teething and chewing tendencies and relieve their anxiety.

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