Rottweiler – Facts you probably didnt know

Rottweiler - Facts you probably didnt know 1 Pawsindia


A Rottweiler is of solid strength. It has a massive powerful body and substantial build. The Rottweiler is an intelligent fearless dog breed developed in Germany. Due to their confident, bold, alert and imposing nature, Rottweiler is a popular choice for its ability to guard. It may be overly protective if it senses that its family is being threatened. They are used to search and rescue operations.

Rotts are utterly courageous, loyal, protective and devoted to their family and will protect it fiercely. Although powerful they are very intelligent, calm and trainable. The Rottie has proved itself in police and military work through the centuries and has even been trained for obedience competition.Rottweiler - Facts you probably didnt know 2 Pawsindia

The ideal Rottweiler is calm, confident, and courageous, never shy. He has a self-assured aloofness and doesn’t make friends with people immediately or indiscriminately. Instead, he takes a wait-and-see attitude with new people or situations. With his family, he’s affectionate, often following them around the house.

Rottweiler - Facts you probably didnt know 3 Pawsindia

A Dog Strong Enough to pull a cart But gentle enough to Pull a child Smart enough to protect his master and passionate enough to love his family with so much love they can lift the spirits of broken heart but Misunderstood my so many 

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