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Dog Treats and Food Online

We love snacking, and so do your dogs.
At PawsIndia we look out for what’s best for your pet’s nutrition which is why we offer a superior quality of dog treats online.
Our snacks are homemade with quality ingredients which are healthy for your dog. Our banana peanut butter handmade biscuits, chicken and sweet potato biscuits are best sellers. They come in 150 grams and 300 grams packs.
These biscuits are super healthy and nutritious and yummy too. You can feed them to your pets guilt free as they are made completely or natural ingredients which are considered golden foods for pets.
We also do not use any oil or butter, and also these biscuits are dairy and baking agents free. Which makes them completely organic. They are gluten free and fresh baked with no preservatives and made with fresh ingredients.