Puppy 2-Pack Fishbone Tiny

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You know what’s better than a Benebone? Two of them. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks. Two fun shapes Jack Salmon flavours in one pack! 

Unleash your pup's playful side with Benebone Fishbone, especially made for pups!

Why you should choose Benebone Fishbone for your puppy:
Jack Salmon Flavor: Puppies love a strong fish aroma and that’s exactly what this Benebone is made of. Real fish flavour!
Strong and durable: These chew toys are built to withstand your pup’s strong chews, especially when they are in their teething phase. With Benebone, you can rest assured that the toy will endure, providing long-lasting satisfaction for your furry friend. 
Unique Paw Friendly design: The unique fish shaped design adds fun to chewing! It also allows for easy gripping, providing your dog with a comfortable chewing experience. This design ensures that your pup can fully enjoy the chew toy without any frustration.
Specially Made for Puppies: Benebone recognizes that puppies have specific chewing requirements. Their developing teeth and jaws need a chew toy that is gentle yet stimulating. The Benebone Fish Bones for puppies are designed to be softer and more forgiving, catering to the delicate mouths of young dogs.
Appropriate Size: The size of these Benebone Fish Bones is specifically tailored to suit puppies. They are smaller and more manageable, allowing your young pup to easily grasp and chew on them. This ensures a comfortable chewing experience and encourages proper chewing habits from an early age.
Promotes dental health: The ridges on the toy help scrub away plaque and tartar, promoting better dental health for your furry friend. 

Made especially for puppies
Yummy Jack Salmon Flavour
Unique Fish-shaped Design
Made of Nylon & Real flavors
Strong & Durable

Portable & Travel friendly
Diverts destructive behavior
Paw-friendly shape

So, if you have a playful and teething puppy, the pack of two Benebone Fish Bones is the ideal choice. Made specifically for puppies, these chew toys offer a gentle yet engaging chewing experience, promoting healthy teething, positive chewing behavior, and mental stimulation. Give your puppy the best start on their chewing journey with Benebone Fish Bones designed just for them.

Return & Exchange: In the least likely scenario, if you receive a defective or damaged product, please contact our customer care (whatsapp/call: 9152442750) for a replacement of the same product. Refund can be only done as store-credit. 

 About Benebone

At Benebone, we started with the premise that dogs experience scent and flavor in a way we can’t even grasp. So we ditched the neon colors and loud squeaks. Inspired by a dog’s powerful sense of smell, we developed a long-lasting durable chew that’s jam-packed with real bacon and real wood. Once your dog takes a bite of our USA-made chews, he’ll be hooked.

We’re Obsessed with Safety Too
Wonder if Benebone is right for your dog? Here’s what you need to know. Since it’s hard, it’s important that your pup has strong teeth. If you’re unsure, check with your vet. Nobody likes an unexpected trip to the dentist. Keep an eye out for wear and tear. Within a month or so, we find that most dogs chew Benebone into submission. See the wear page on our website for helpful photos to determine when to replace yours. Keep away from households with peanut or other allergies.

What’s Inside?
Nothing but Nylon and Real Tantalizing Flavor

Importer: Windlock Project Pvt Ltd
Manufacturing date:
Net Weight: 136 gm
Month & Year Of Import: 11/2022
Country of Origin: United States of America
Manufactured by: Benebone Edison, New Jersey, 08817
Unit Price: /gram 1 Gm x 10.2 Rs


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Puppy 2-Pack Fishbone Tiny
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