Wicked Ball Super Interactive Dog Ball

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Wicked Ball - Your Pet's Greatest Joy, Even When Home Alone

Introducing Wicked Ball, the ultimate smart dog toy designed to keep your furry baby entertained and engaged even when they're alone. This interactive self-play dog toy is specially crafted with moving features that stimulate your pet's natural hunting instincts, providing hours of fun and mental stimulation.
Say goodbye to your dog feeling alone or lonely when you're not around. This Wicked Ball is India's top-rated smart dog toy that will keep your pet happy and entertained. Whether indoors or outdoors, this ball will be your dog's constant companion.

Here’s why you should get The Wicked Ball for your dog:
Three Reaction Modes: Wicked Ball offers three interactive modes—Gentle, Normal, and Active—allowing you to customize the play experience. Simply program the mode via the core of the Wicked Ball to match your dog's activity level and preferences.
Intelligent Companion Mode: After 10 minutes of play, the ball provides a 30-minute rest period. If your pet touches the ball during the rest mode, the cycle restarts, ensuring their activity level is catered to appropriately.
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with a built-in collision sensor, Wicked Ball intelligently avoids getting stuck, ensuring uninterrupted playtime for your furry friend.
Waterproof Design: With a tightly sealed outer shell, Wicked Ball is waterproof and can safely run in water. This means you and your pet can have just as much fun in the water as on land, expanding the possibilities for playtime.
Paw-Proof and Durable: The outer shell of Wicked Ball is made from industrial-grade, environmentally-friendly materials selected for their toughness. It's designed to withstand rough play, ensuring the toy is safe for your pet and built to last.

With Wicked Ball, your dog will never experience a dull moment. This smart dog toy offers entertainment, mental stimulation, and exercise, making it the perfect companion for your furry friend. Whether you're at home or away, rest assured that Wicked Ball will keep your doggo happy and engaged.


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Customer Reviews

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Wicked Ball

Great product! Wicked Ball Entertains both dogs and cats. Difficult with some carpets tho. Definitely works better on hard surfaces or linoleum.

Dear David,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review about our Wicked Ball Super Interactive Dog Ball. We're thrilled to hear that you find it to be a great product that entertains both dogs and cats. We appreciate your feedback regarding its effectiveness on different surfaces. It's valuable insights like yours that help us improve and cater to our customers' needs.

Loves it

My toy poodle loves it so much and it’s a good for the dogs to not get bored when you are busy and can’t pay attention at that moment

Archana Shankar


Komal Wala
Dog bite proof?

Does this Ball withstand the bite of a dog? I have a Labrador I'm worried it will bite it open on the first play only. Please answer if any owners of this Ball for a dog

Aloke Dandapat
Nice Ball!

The ball is nice and keeps the Pup busy for a long time.


  • 100% Automatic Moving Toy: Wicked Ball is a 100% automatic, hands-free, self-moving toy and does not require any app. The dog toy is designed to entertain your pets automatically, even when you are away.
  • 3 Interactive Modes: This interactive dog ball comes in 3 interactive modes to match your dog’s playtime. It has a gentle, normal and active mode to keep your dog engaged.
  • Intelligent Companion Mode: Pace your pet's playtime with the Intelligent Companion Mode, which provides 30 min rest after 10 min of playtime. The cycle restarts if your pet touches the ball during the 30 min rest mode, catering to your pet's activity level.
  • Waterproof: As long as the outer shell of Wicked Ball is on tightly and securely, it's waterproof and can run smoothly and safely in the water. This allows you and your pet to have just as much fun in the water as on land.
  • Paw Proof: The dog toy is made with industrial-grade materials for its toughness. The outer shell is made of environmentally-friendly material, safe for us and importantly, for our pets.
  • Water-Proof: IPX67 standard; allows you and your pets to have just as much fun with Wicked Ball in the water as on land.
  • Designed to Reward: We have created a snack hole designed for placing delicious Dog Treats. It is the perfect feature to attract lazy and hungry pets. They will be able to eat their favourite treat while getting exercise at the same time.

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