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No dog can resist a friendly playful companion which gives him/her the right exercise and keeps them on their feet. There are a lot of dog toys online and it can be a task to find the right one for your dog. PawsIndia brings you a wide and exciting collection of toys that can keep your dogs and puppies occupied at their most active times.
Our toys are made from non toxic materials that ensure your dog’s safety. We ensure your dog’s safety by eliminating any pointy parts in any toy. At PawsIndia, we have an exciting range of chewing dog toys, durable, and designed to keep your dogs from chewing up your shoes, and wires.
We know how much puppies love plush toys and we have very soft and safe soft toys ideal for puppies and tiny dogs.
We are extremely proud of our interactive dog toys, which are perfect for busy pet parents. They are one of our best sellers and a life saviour!
Moreover we offer seasonal discounts and prompt delivery. So shop today and save big.