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Why Not Give Your Dog The Same Protection You Would Want For Yourself?

We Know You Want To Give Your Dog A Healthy And Happy Life Which Is Why You Are Here. PawsIndia Dog Health Insurance Covers Everything To Provide The Best Possible Life For Your Furry Baby.

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Consult Your Vet

Consult Your Vet

PawsIndia Dog Insurance provides to flexibility to choose your own vet. You can opt for your current vet or go for a new vet.

Few Clicks To Protection

Few Clicks To Protection

Effortlessly apply for Insurance in just a few minutes with our simple and convenient online application process.

Speedy Settlement

Speedy Settlement

Once your claim is approved, get your reimbursement quickly and efficiently within a few days.

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Unexpected Vet Bills Stressing You

Unexpected Vet Bills Stressing You

One visit to the veterinarian can set you back by a lot. Luckily, we have an add-on for you that'll save you this expense. With our veterinary consultation and doctor-oncall cover, all your consultation fees will be taken care of.

Lost Your Pet?

Lost Your Pet?

Your dog can sometimes wander off and get lost or may get stolen from you. We'll help you cover the cost of finding your dog, so you can quickly get them back.

Easing Pet Parenting

Easing Pet Parenting

Our policy will help you cover the expenses of a minder/ caretaker to ensure proper care for your dog. Ensure that your furry friend gets the best of care.

Dog Bit Someone Accidentally?

Dog Bit Someone Accidentally?

Your dog can sometimes harm public property or hurt another human being. It's not their fault, as they lack the human sense of judgement. But you don't! Opt for the liability cover, and stay protected against any third-party damage.

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Your Guide To Make An Informed Decision

Is Dog Insurance Worth It?

Dog insurance can be a valuable investment as it can help cover the cost of unexpected veterinary expenses, such as accidents or illnesses. This can provide peace of mind and financial protection for pet owners.

How Will I Get Paid For A Claim?

Our aim is to provide fast and efficient claims service to ensure payment to you for any valid claim as quickly as possible. Approved claims will be paid directly to your account.

Can I Go To Any Vet?

You Can Go To Any Vet You Like In India. We Won't Interfere With Your Veterinary Visits As Long As They're Licensed To Provide Veterinary Care

Can I Cancel My Policy At Any Time?

You Can Cancel Your Policy At Any Time With 30 Days' Written Notice. Note: Pre-existing Conditions Will Not Be Covered In The Future Policy. "

Are The Claims Available Outside India?

The Cover Provided Under This Policy Is Restricted To Claims Occurring In India. The Obligation Of The Company To Make A Payment Or Shall Make Payment In Indian Rupees Only.

Are There Any Exclusions In The Policy?

Yes, There Are Exclusions In The Policy, Like Pre-existing Conditions, Cosmetic Procedures, Etc. But Our Comprehensive Coverages Include A Lot More To Safeguard Your Dog's Health.

What Are Pre-Existing Conditions & Are They Covered?

Anything Your Pet Has Shown Signs Of Before You Opt For The Policy Is Considered A Pre-existing Condition. We Don’t Cover Pre-existing Conditions Currently, But We’ve Got Your Back For Future Illnesses Or Accidents.

Is There Any Entry Age Limits For Dog Insurance?

Eligibility Criteria: Small, Medium, And Large Breeds
Entry Age - 6 Months Onwards Up To Age Of 7 Years
Exit Age - 10 Years Giant Breeds Entry Age - 6 Months Onwards Up To Age Of 4 Years
Exit Age - 6 Years

What Happens After You Enroll For Pawsindia Dog Health Insurance?

Once you have purchased the policy, you will receive the Policy schedule, Premiums Receipt, Policy coverage and Terms & Conditions, etc.

Here Fur You In Every Step Of Your Pet Parenting

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Know More About Breeds

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Pet Parenting Tips & Tricks

Pet Parenting Tips & Tricks

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