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Our story 

Several years back, we had found an abandoned dog who looked weak and affected by malnutrition. So we adopted her and decided to take responsibility for her care and well-being. We had named her Sweetie. Sweetie was not only a beautiful pet but also an affectionate friend. This name that we had chosen for her, was a manifestation of our unconditional love and fondness of her. As she grew older and older, we started to realize that we needed to look further into the range of pet foods in order to fulfill her dietary requirements, however, we had great trouble in finding the right choice for her. We could not feed the same thing again and again to a pet whom we dearly loved, knowing that it may result in malnourishment. Soon, became aware of the fact that this is a huge challenge for most pooch owners. We realized that old-fashioned accessories and a poor range of pet food choices available in local markets are a matter of great concern for pet owners. 

This gave rise to the formation of pawsindia.com with the only mission being, to provide top-notch pet foods over a wide range of choices and a premium pet accessories for your beloved pooches and cats. 


Our Mission 

Breed information 

We provide you with the most comprehensive list of cat and dog breeds, compiled after an extensive amount of research. Along with that, our professional staff has listed down the behaviors and traits that are associated with each breed, for your convenience. We have spent countless hours going through pet owner’s reviews on each breed, all over the internet. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our staff has gone through almost all websites on the internet, in order to bring to you the most authentic information about each breed that we have mentioned on our website.

We cater a wide range of best pet food brands and accessories under one roof

Every pet happens to have different dietary requirements which depend on a great number of factors such as environment, breed, health conditions etc. We house a huge number of pet food brands such as Genesis, Orijen, Prama, Trixie, Pedigree, Milk-Bone, Dog Chow, Purina ONE, and many more top-notch pet food brands that are just the right ones for your pet’s health. In return of the affection, love, and joy your dog or cat possibly gives you, you would undeniably want to reward your pet with a lovely treat, isn’t it? Being pet owners ourselves, we completely understand our customers and that is the very reason why we provide you with the best range of treat choices for your pets including the Italian salami snacks, salmon snacks, chicken liver snacks, smoky bacon snacks, milk snacks, and much more. We not only deal with the best quality pet food in the market but also provide you with the highest quality pet accessories which include toys, feeders, odor and stain removers, shampoos, conditioners and much more. For us, happiness means a healthy wagging

Our highly responsive staff is always ready to help you pick the right product for your furry little animals. This is because we love your pets as much as you do after all and happiness for us means, a healthy wagging tail.

There truly isn’t anything more fascinating in the world other than being the parent of a pet and we completely understand this fascination because we happen to love pets too. Adoption is something that we highly encourage, because we ourselves have adopted pets in the past. However, many pet owners need particular kind of breeds which may not always be available for adoption. This creates an immediate need for pet lovers to buy them from a pet shop. Because many pet owners looking for these original breeds often have no previous experience, pet shops often sell mixed breeds instead of original ones. Moreover, those sellers also sell unhealthy pets to those inexperienced buyers, for a greater price. Being aware of such tactics of other sellers, we have decided to step forward in order to provide imported and healthy breeds of pets to interested buyers. This is how our company stands out and helps buyers in need. 

In a short period of time, our company has achieved a tremendous amount of acclaim and people have come to acknowledge the fact that due to our affection for pets, we provide the best quality services.

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