Breed Highlight:

True companion dogs, Bolognese are sensitive and affectionate. They have a lot of personality for such a small individual, and they adapt well to apartment living.


8 to 14 pounds


9 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder

Life Expectancy:

12 to 14 years

Litter Size:

3 to 7 puppies

Breed Appearance:

Bolognese dogs feel—and look—like fluffy cotton balls because of their coats. Bolognese do tend to wear long and wavy coats that don't shed much, which can make these dogs ideal pets for mild allergy sufferers. They are small dogs with stocky, square bodies.


The Bolognese dog, a Bichon-related breed, was created in Bologna, Italy, in the eleventh century. During the Renaissance, the breed was beloved by the nobility and was frequently given as a gift amongst nobility families (particularly between Italian and Belgian royalty). The breed was on the verge of extinction when nobility began to disappear.


Bolognese is part of the toy dog group and is considered a companion dog.

Currently Used As:

Bolognese are used as a companion. They have a strong bond with the person/s with whom they spend the most time.


Although Bolognese are simple to teach, endless repetition of drills quickly grows boring. It is best to alter or increase activities because they thrive on diversity. Positive reinforcement, mild training techniques, and consistency get good results from them. They do not take yelling or rudeness well.

Health & Care:

In general, Bolognese dogs are a healthy breed with lifespans of 12–14 years. Luxating patellas is a health condition these dogs may be prone to.

Living Condition:

The Bolognese dog breed is one that's best suited for retirees or a household where at least one pet parent works from home.


Bolognese should go for a regular stroll even when they are content to laze about the house. A suitable stroll might last 20 to 25 minutes a few times each day, or you may replace short 10-minute walks several times per day.


Compared to the softer puppy coat, the Bolognese's adult coat is coarser and simpler to brush. If you're lucky, grooming your adult Bolognese might just take 20 to 30 minutes per week. However, grooming your puppy may be necessary more or less daily and may take anything from 5 to 30 minutes.Other care routines include daily teeth brushing, regular nail trimmings, frequent ear cleanings, and high-quality dog food.


Bolognese dogs are a wonderful option for homes when someone has allergies because they do not shed. These cuddly white puppies adore their family and cherish their time together. A Bolognese dog requires less activity than many other dog breeds.


A young child could easily hurt a Bolognese dog because they are a toy breed. The cost of a purebred Bolognese is higher than that of many other breeds. More than most other breeds, Bolognese dogs bark a much.

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