What is Hemp Seed Oil?

  • As the name suggests, hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. The hemp seed oil has no cannabinoids, which are naturally occurring compounds that help both humans and dogs with a variety of functions related to mobility, appetite, pain, and more. A cold-pressing process extracts the oil from industrial hemp plant seeds.

 Is hemp seed oil legal?

  • Yes, Hemp Seed Oil is Legal. According to the FSSAI, hemp seed, hemp seed oil and hemp seed flour shall be sold as food or used as an ingredient in a food for sale subject to conforming standards.

 Will it make your pet high?

  • Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight which is the norm set by governments around the globe. This amount of THC is not enough to create a psychoactive effect, and this has been verified by multiple food research institutions globally.

 Are there any side effects of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs?

  • Hemp oil for dogs doesn’t have any serious side effects given the proper dosage. It’s good for the liver, GI tract, and even kidney. More importantly, it doesn’t make your dog high because hemp oil doesn’t contain any amounts of THC. To make sure your dog doesn’t suffer from any side effects, visit your veterinarian before giving any to your dog. There’s nothing to worry about because hemp oil as it is non-toxic and the side effects shouldn’t last long!

 Why does your pet need Hemp seed oil?

  • They are hyperactive.
  • They have anxiety.
  • They are recovering from a disease.
  • They need treatment for an ailment.
  • They face skin conditions like - allergies, ticks, lice, mites, fleas.
  • They are suffering a lot of pain.

 How to use Hemp Seed Oil?

  • The hemp seed oil has a simple application. It is safe to use topically or orally. You can offer it by feeding your pet or applying it to the affected area for skin conditions. Always consult your pet's veterinary doctor before giving them hemp seed oil.
  • The topical application of hemp seed oil under your pets' fur bears fruitful results for their skin and coat. You can apply the oil to their joints for better mobility. 

 What is the dosage?

The following dosage is based on the recommendation of experts and vets who helped manufacture the CALM Hemp Seed Oil. We advise you to get a proper prescription from your vet for the required dosage according to your pet's needs.

  1. Upto 6 kgs - 1/2 tsp 
  2. 07 - 13 kgs - 1 tsp 
  3. 14 - 24 kgs - 1 - 1.5 tsp  
  4. 25 - 35 kgs - 2 tsp
  5. 36 kgs and Above - 2 - 2.5 tsp

 How will it help my pet? What are its benefits?

  1. It supports skin and coat health. 
  2. It helps the fluid movement of joints which in turn improves flexibility and comfort. 
  3. It relaxes the pet mentally and relieves it of panic, anxiety, and pain. 
  4. It helps develop your pet's cardiovascular capabilities.
  5. It helps strengthen their entire immune system.
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