Siamese Cat

Himalayan Cat


United States

Breed Highlighs:

Himalayan Cats are a striking mix of Persian and Siamese cat breeds, having a long, silky, Persian-like coat and Siamese-like pointed colouring on the ears, tail, face, and paws. They have bright blue eyes and adore the attention and affection of their owners.


around 5 kg


25 and 30 cm

Life Expectancy:

8-11 yrs

Litter Size:

3-6 kittens

Breed Appearance:

The Himalayan is a breed with an extraordinary appearance. They have thick legs and short, thick necks. It has a round skull and big, round eyes. The face is flat and has a thick, full and long coat.


In the early 1930s, Persian cats with coloured points, known as Himalayans, were created in the United States. In the mid-1950s, the Himalayan was accepted for recognition.

Currently Used As:

Himalayan cats are now famous as pets and have also appeared in movies. One of the most famous and memorable movies in which the cat was featured was Meet the Parents.


Like Persians, the Himalayans are more susceptible to several health issues than many other breeds. If you intend to buy a purebred Himalayan kitten, it is crucial to get confirmation of health from the breeder. The common problems that this breed is prone to are kidney diseases, respiratory issues, and asthma.

Living Condition:

To maintain health, the Himalayan must have her nutrition under control. Due to the breed's reputation for low levels of activity, both diet and exercise must be taken into consideration. She enjoys playing and will engage in interactive play, chase balls, and catnip mouse attacks.


Although Himalayans don't require much exercise, they are very playful and will misbehave if they get bored. By giving them lots of cat toys and setting aside some time each day for playtime, you can keep them occupied and amused. A simple ball of paper will keep Himalayans entertained for hours because of their playful personalities.


The Himalayan cat is probably not the best choice for you if you're not ready to spend some time grooming it every day. A Himalayan should have their coat combed regularly with a strong, wide-toothed comb due to their easy-to-tangle, long, silky hair.


Himalayan cats are gorgeous in appearance with gentle and quiet personalities. They get along fairly well with other pets and children.


The Himalayan cat needs daily grooming and a properly nutritious diet as they are prone to health issues. They shed a lot as well.

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