Breed Highlight:

Kombai are lean and strong. It's said that Kombai has the strength to kill a bear. Because of their ancestry and upbringing on the varied subcontinent, they have relatively few breed-related health problems and can survive and thrive in most climates.


Male 25 – 32 kg

Female 20 – 25 kg


Male 40 – 52 cm

Female 38 – 48 cm

Life Expectancy:

9 – 13 years

Litter Size:

3 to 8 puppies

Breed Appearance:

The Kombai is defined as a lean, long, muscular, strong, and athletic dog. They have a short, silky coat that is typically reddish-brown in colour with a saddle that is a little lighter shade and a muzzle that is black. They have mid-length ears with curved ends and are known for dark eyes. The breed carries its long, tapering tail curled over its back.


The Kombai are an Indian hound named after their place of origin, a village called Kombai, located near Cumbam and Uthampalayam.They have been around since the fifteenth century, and historically, it is known that they were raised to hunt bison, deer, and wild boar. In historical times, Kombai were war dogs. In South India, kombais are still well-liked and esteemed not just as fierce hunters but also as devoted household pets.


The ferocious dogs were trained to rip the hamstrings of enemy horses. The Kombai breed was originally used to guard cattle from tigers and leopards. They were also used in big game hunting, especially boars.

Currently Used As:

Kombai dogs are now used in the military as well as guard dogs. They are now used for guarding farms, properties or simply a loyal house companion.


You may teach a Kombai with activities like smelling and detecting, chasing and capturing, and obedience training with goodies. The Kombai dogs are extremely smart dogs but can be difficult to train.

Health & Care:

The Kombai is a highly habitat-adapted animal as a result of centuries of interbreeding with other canines. They are exceedingly disease and parasite resistant, have few hereditary health problems, and can thrive on very little.

Living Condition:

Kombai can live in an apartment, but only if the owner has experience managing dogs. They are more suited to suburban living. These dogs don't get along with strangers, which makes apartment life difficult for them. Kombai thrives in hot weather. When the temperature falls below 20C, they need extra attention.


Intelligent and energetic dogs like Kombais do not like being stuck inside an enclosure for long periods of time. In other words, not having enough space to move around may drive them crazy. They require regular exercise and love playing tug as it strengthens their jaw.


The Kombai is known to shed, despite having a short, coarse coat. However, the Kombai's shedding may be controlled with a thorough brushing once or twice each week. Like many dogs, they like a nice massage, so use delicate strokes with a soft brush or hound mitt to transform the grooming session into a luxurious spa treatment! 

They only require the basic dog grooming and don’t require professional assistance by any means. This includes the occasional combing, bathing and teeth-brushing.


Kombai are said to be guarding dogs, thus acting as an excellent guard of the family. They don’t require extensive grooming sessions. Simple and basic grooming is all they need! They are highly adaptable to Indian weather.


The breed is generally said to be not good with children. Kombai are over-protectiveness and stubborn which might be taken wrongly as aggression.

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