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Mudhol Hound


The Mudhol Hound can be called one of the most protean breeds, purely on the merit of the wide variety of names assigned to it. No other dog breed as many names as the Mudhol Hound. This pure bred Indian breed is a type of sight hound. As is the case with other India-bred hounds, the Mudhol Hound and the Greyhound are alike in many respects.  


22-28 kg

29-35 inches
Life Expectancy:
13-18 yr
Litter Size:
Breed Appearance:

 The Mudhol or Caravan hound has numerous well-defined characteristics. The head is long and narrow, broad between the ears with a tapering muzzle. The jaws are long and powerful, with a scissors bite. The nose is large and black. The ears are pendulous and hang close to the skull. The eyes are large and oval in shape, from dark to hazel. The expression is a piercing gaze. The neck is long, clean, and muscular, and fits well into the shoulders. The forelegs are long and straight. The back is long, broad and well-muscled. The loins are wide and deep. The chest is strong and deep with well sprung ribs. The abdomen is tucked in. The hind quarters appear wide and well-muscled. The tail is set on low, strong at the base and tapering, quite long and carried in a natural curve. The gait is high-footed, flexing all four legs, but should not be hackneyed.


The Caravan was introduced to the Deccan Plateau of western India from Central Asia and Arabia, and can thus be considered a direct descendant of the Saluki or Tazi. This region covers mainly parts of the states of KarnatakaMaharashtra, and, to a lesser degree, Andhra Pradesh. The breed is popular in and around Mudhol Taluk of Karnataka, thereby giving rise to the breed’s name, i.e. Mudhol hound.


The Caravan is an ancient breed, native to the Deccan Plateau of India. This region covers parts of the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and to a lesser degree, Andhra Pradesh. The breed is basically an offshoot of the Saluki and was first introduced into India by traders and mercenaries from various parts of Asia, who traveled in caravans. When local people saw the dogs running alongside the caravans, they began referring to them as “karwani,” meaning “of the caravans.”

Currently Used As:

Guard dogs, Racing dogs


These dogs can be remarkably loyal and deferent if treated with kind attitude. The Caravan Hound must be socialized with ceaseless ardor and zest from a tender age. Since these dogs have a nervous temperament, they need a firm, consistent and gentle owner. It will never respond to harsh or high-handed treatments. If proper steps are not adopted to curb the breed’s nervous temperament, it may exacerbate with time. Adequate socialization, combined with consistent, firm, decent, patient, gentle, positive training, could be enough to make this dog a well-tempered one.


The Caravan Hound is a perfect example of the doctrine ‘Survival of the fittest.’ Consequently, the breed suffers from no specific health issues.

Living Condition:

The Caravan Hound cannot live properly in an apartment. It happens to be in its comfort zone in a home with access to a large, fenced yard. It abhors cold, wet climates. It is happiest outdoors, and is at home in tropical climates. If kept in a cold environment, extra protection such as winter coats and doggy boots are required. This is not the type of dog that loves living solitarily; it needs human interaction and must be an integrated member of the family.

Being a sighthound, the Caravan needs a tremendous amount of daily exercise in order to remain physically and mentally sound. Daily long walks where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead are essential, coupled with long, weekly or bi-weekly running sessions in a large, enclosed, safe area. Never allow a Caravan off leash on an unfenced ground, as its intense prey drive has the ability to become selectively deaf to its master’s calls. Exercise is one of the key ingredients for the development of a well-adjusted Caravan. So, if you cannot provide enough of it, please opt for another dog breed.

None is required for the smooth variety. A weekly brushing for the feathered is all that is needed. The Caravan Hound is an average shedder.


One of the healthiest living dogs around.

Ideal for Indian weather.

Easy to groom.

It is a one-man dog.

Does not deal with strangers well.

Can be temperamental.

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