Benebone's Wishbone Dog Chew (Peanut Butter Flavor)

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Introducing the Benebone Wishbone Dog Chew Toy! If you're looking for a flavorsome chew toy for your dog who loves to chew & bite, look no further. Dogs love chewing on bones and they go nuts about the peanuts, that's why this chew toy is made of durable nylon and infused with the irresistible flavor of peanut butter throughout. This long-lasting chew toy is sure to be your dog’s favorite, while it also helps to divert destructive behavior. The best choice for heavy chewers!

Why you should choose Benebone Wishbone Stick:

Peanut Butter Flavour: Peanut Butter is hands down the most favorite flavor of dogs! That's why the Benebone Wishbone stick is crafted to be a long-lasting chew toy with real nutty peanut butter flavor.

Strong and durable: These chew toys are built to withstand the most aggressive dogs. With Benebone, you can rest assured that the toy will endure, providing long-lasting satisfaction for your furry friend. 

Unique Paw Friendly design: The unique wishbone design of the chew toy feels just like a real bone! It allows for easy gripping, providing your dog with a comfortable chewing experience. This design ensures that your pup can fully enjoy the chew toy without any frustration.

Available in different sizes: Benebones are available in various sizes to cater to different dog breeds and sizes. Whether you have a small toy breed or a larger canine companion, there's a Benebone size that's perfect for them. This ensures that every dog can have a chew toy that is appropriate for their size and chewing strength. 

Promotes dental health: The ridges on the toy help scrub away plaque and tartar, promoting better dental health for your furry friend. 

Choose Benebone Wish Dog Chew Toy for a combination of flavor, durability, and fun! Treat your dog to a satisfying chewing experience with Benebone.

Yummy Peanut Butter Flavour
Unique Bone Shaped Design
Made of Nylon & Real flavors
Strong & Durable

Portable & Travel friendly
Diverts destructive behavior
Paw-friendly shape

So, if you're looking for a chew toy that combines real flavors, durability, and an enticing aroma to captivate you dog's attention, Benebone is the ultimate choice. Treat your pup to the irresistible & natural flavor of Peanut Butter and let them enjoy hours of safe and enjoyable chewing. 

Return & Exchange: In the least likely scenario, if you receive a defective or damaged product, please contact our customer care (whatsapp/call: 9152442750) for a replacement of the same product. Refund can be only done as store-credit.

About Benebone
At Benebone, we started with the premise that dogs experience scent and flavour in a way we can’t even grasp. So we ditched the neon colours and loud squeaks. Inspired by a dog’s powerful sense of smell, we developed a long-lasting durable chew that’s jam-packed with real flavours. Once your dog takes a bite of our USA-made chews, he’ll be hooked. We’re Obsessed with Safety Too Wonder if Benebone is right for your dog? Here’s what you need to know. Since it’s hard, it’s important that your pup has strong teeth. If you’re unsure, check with your vet. Nobody likes an unexpected trip to the dentist. Keep an eye out for wear and tear.

We’re Obsessed with Safety Too Wonder if Benebone is right for your dog? Here’s what you need to know. Since it’s hard, it’s important that your pup has strong teeth. If you’re unsure, check with your vet. Nobody likes an unexpected trip to the dentist. Keep an eye out for wear and tear.

Return and Exchange Policy: For queries regarding returns & exchanges, you can contact our customer support team. We will assist you and sort out your problems regarding the products.

Please note:  1) Always buy size-appropriate toys for your pet

Importer: Windlock Project Pvt Ltd
Manufacturing date:
Net Weight: 136 gm
Month & Year Of Import: 11/2022
Country of Origin: United States of America
Manufactured by: Benebone Edison, New Jersey, 08817
Unit Price: /gram 1 Gm x 10.2 Rs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews
The best for destructive chewers and gnawers

Have dozens of these. My puppers destroys ALL chew toys but these !!!! Worth the price, longish lasting. The edges get a bit gnarly and rough. An added bonus is that His teeth are shiny and clean !Not too sure if any side effects from chewing on and getting micro pieces of nylon in his gut.

Linda Kay
Benebones for dogs is nearly indestructible!

Our little dog has a lot of chewing power and this is one of his toys that he can't demolish. It does have bite marks on it, but he can't chew parts off of it. He rattles this thing around and makes noise, which he loves. And it has really helped keep his interest in chewing on this rather than items we don't want him chewing on. I would give this an A+ rating!

Always the best!

My dog adores them. On her 3rd one now. No need to say anything else. My dog ADORES it.

I'm amazed at how much the dog loves this thing.

Product as described and arrived promptly. Keeps dog from eating all of my things!

The Best Thing for a Chewer

We wouldn’t have survived our puppy’s teething stage without these! The best thing for a strong jawed dog.


  • DENTAL STIMULATION – The Dental Chew has stimulating ridges to keep those pearly whites clean.
  • DURABLE, LONG-LASTING – Super chewer? Bring it on. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks./li>
  • PEANUT BUTTER – We use only 100% PEANUT BUTTER flavour. Trust us, dogs can tell the difference.
  • EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW – The Dental Chew is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going. Think about it: dogs don’t have thumbs.
  • USA MADE – We make and source everything in the USA. Puppies and even some senior dogs love to chew and they dig real flavours. They deserve better than rubbery chew toys that look like they’re for babies.

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