How To Treat Separation Anxiety In Dogs


Does your dog become anxious as you prepare to leave the house? When you return home, do they celebrate wildly? During your absence, did they trample your shoes, break the door, or eat the corner of an end table?

Your dog can be afraid of being alone.

What is Separation Anxiety?

When a dog is overly dependent on its human and is left alone, separation anxiety results. It involves more than just a little whining before you go or some trouble while you're gone. It's a significant illness and one of the main reasons owners grow dissatisfied with their dogs and give them up. Fortunately, a number of things can be done to help your canine.

First, comprehend the reasons behind your dog's behaviour: 

  • When they have never been left alone.
  • Having grown up with humans in their lives.
  • After a change of ownership.
  • Leaving a shelter and entering a house.
  • A shift in the family's schedule or routine.
  • A family member's passing. 

Separation anxiety symptoms

When left alone, a dog who exhibits severe stress could:

  • Excessively howl, bark, or whine 
  • Indoor "accidents" despite being housebroken 
  • they knock things over, dig holes, and scratch at windows and doors 
  • Excessively drool, pant, or salivate 
  • Pace, frequently in an obsessive pattern 
  • Try to flee

 They probably won't go too far with any of these while you're nearby. A typical dog could occasionally engage in any of these behaviours, but a dog who suffers from separation anxiety will do so virtually constantly.

 How to treat separation anxiety?

To rule out any medical issues, first, speak with your veterinarian. Because of diseases, hormonal imbalances, or other medical disorders, dogs occasionally have accidents within the house. It might also result from improper housebreaking. Additionally, some drugs can result in mishaps. Ask your veterinarian if medicines are to fault if your dog uses any.

  • Give your dog a special reward each time you leave if the issue is minor (like a puzzle toy stuffed with peanut butter). 
  • When you go away, only offer them this treats; when you return, take it away.
  • Keep your arrivals and departures low-key and avoid exchanging many greetings. When you initially go home, ignore your dog for a while.
  • Set out some freshly laundered items of clothing that smell like you.
  • Think about administering natural soothing supplements to your pet. There are numerous benefits of CBD that include cultivating a sense of tranquilly and well-being in dogs. Pet owners are using CBD regularly to help their furry friends feel their best, especially if they struggle with stress or anxiety. As a result, CBD is growing in popularity among pet owners for the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs. You can get the best quality CBD Oil in the country only on Pawsindia.  

If the issue is more severe...

Even the most delicious goodies won't be enough to divert an extremely anxious dog. You'll need to ease them into your absence gradually. 

When they notice you putting on your shoes or picking up your keys, which are indicators you're getting ready to leave, they could start to feel uneasy. Do those things, but don't leave afterwards. Don your shoes, then take a seat at the table. Grab your keys and turn on the TV. Do this repeatedly throughout the day.

You can gradually begin to vanish after your dog begins to feel less frightened about that. Simply enter the door from the opposite side at first. Close an interior door between you after asking your dog to remain so. After a brief interval, reappear. Extend your absences for longer periods gradually. Grab your keys and put on your shoes. While you enter another room, ask your dog to remain outside.

Increase the length of your absence as they become more accustomed to the "stay game." Use a door outside, but not the one you use to leave your house every day. Before you depart, make sure your dog is at ease.

If your dog is prepared to be left alone for long periods, only you can know. Take your time. When you've increased your interval to around 10 seconds, give them a stuffed treat. Always maintain composure when leaving and returning.

Build up the time till you can leave the house for a short period gradually. then abstain for progressively longer lengths of time.

 For Every Dog
Make sure your pet exercises frequently each day. When you leave, a happy, exhausted dog will be less anxious. It's essential to stimulate your pet's thinking. Play fetch and training games. Use puzzles that you can play. Exercise both their bodies and minds. That will keep them occupied, content, and worn out to worry while you're away. 

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