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No matter how much we want to sit down and have a healthy discussion with our little tail-wagging pal, that day isn't coming anytime soon. For now, we'll just have to learn to read our dogs' non-verbal means of communication.

A dog's emotional quotient is considered to be comparable to that of a toddler. It's no surprise that dogs are unable to express emotions the same way that adults do. But they're also unable to comprehend complicated feelings such as remorse, pride, and shame.

Before understanding the hidden meanings behind their actions, let's first try to understand how dogs communicate.

We have grown to comprehend dogs' behavioural patterns and features during our centuries of interaction. We've identified and assessed their sense of right and wrong, and we've taught them how to behave within the confines of a household. We’ve also learned to value nonverbal communication and project our words through our actions, such as kissing our puppy when we're happy or holding our pet when we're sad. We don’t realise that dogs can also detect different types of communication patterns. Let's take a closer look at this.


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  • Facial Expressions

Dogs rely heavily on facial expressions and movements to communicate. Dogs can detect emotions and analyse facial expressions.

  • Positive Body Language

Dogs pick up on their master's body language pretty well. This is how they distinguish between play and aggression. Dogs can detect underlying intentions through human body language and thus react accordingly.

  • Direct eye contact.

It's all about making eye contact. On one side, eye contact can make a dominant dog feel challenged, while on the other hand, it can terrify a submissive dog. Dogs can even distinguish between different types of stares. Research also suggests that dogs' eyes can reflect whether they are contented or are feeling stressed and threatened.

Your doggos are capable of displaying a wide range of behaviours. They may not be able to speak their heart out but their actions are sufficient to convey their thoughts. Some of these actions are simple to understand, while others are a tad bit more complicated. If you want to understand and have a healthy relationship with your dog, let's learn what these behaviours signify and how to read your canine's body language.

Through this article, we're trying to get into the psyche of dogs and what goes in their minds when they perform certain actions and what should your interpretation of these said actions be:

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  • Tilting: 

When a dog is unsure about something he's truly interested in, he tilts his head. It's almost as though they understand what you're saying at times. Dogs can read and respond to your body language and speech cues exceptionally well. This behaviour can also be seen while he is waiting for more information, particularly from a trainer. He can also angle his head to listen to a sound and locate its source precisely.


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  • Standing Up On Their Hind Legs: 

A dog standing on its hind legs can convey a variety of messages. They may simply want to embrace you, or it may indicate that they are playing with other dogs. When you and your dog are alone, rearing up might be a show of affection - they may truly want to reach out and hug you! 

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  • Chewing:

If your dog is still a puppy, then they're probably trying to relieve the pain of their adult teeth coming in. However, if they are not, it suggests they aren't receiving enough exercise and aren't sure how else to release their energy. Taking them for a walk might not be enough to fix all of your problems, but it's a start. When your dog isn't getting enough exercise, it's typically obvious, and this is one of the most obvious indicators. If your dog is trashing your furniture, encouraging them to be more active should be your top focus.

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  • Bringing You Toys:

Dogs enjoy fetch, but just because they bring one of their favourite toys to you doesn't guarantee they want to play. They may be demonstrating their trust in you, or they may be attempting to satisfy you. Keep in mind that throwing the ball when your dog is merely attempting to show it to you could deeply hurt their feelings.

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  • Yawning:

While yawning around individuals a dog can indicate that they are in comfort, persistent yawning in public (or in situations where a dog is not relaxed) can indicate something quite different. When your dog yawns in public, it's not necessary because they're tired and it's time to go home; instead, it's a sign that they're uncomfortable or worried.

  • Wiggling:

    When a dog is wriggling, it will kick all of its legs up in the air and crawl around on its back. This motion for the most part is, as enjoyable to a dog as you might imagine. If your dog appears to be wiggling excessively or concentrating all of its movements on one body part, it could be trying to reach an itch or other irritation. In some circumstances, it may be attempting to attract your attention. Why don't you join them on the floor and play with them for a few minutes?

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    • Puppy Eyes:

    When a dog gives you "puppy eyes," most people assume they're begging or attempting to look cute so you'll pay attention to them (or a delicious treat). However, they are just expressing their love and affection for you. It's difficult to leave your pups to go to work in the morning, and those big, lovely puppy eyes make it even more difficult. Don't be fooled by their demeanour, it isn't grief. It implies that, while they are aware of your departure, they are equally certain of your return.

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    • Zoomies:

    Pacing indicates that a dog is scared, excited, or bored. If you notice your canine buddy racing in a circle around you, it means he's having fun and wants you to join in. It's worth noting that these creatures will usually chase after other animals whether they're bored or eager.

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    • Raising Their Paws:

    When your four-legged pet raises his or her paws, it usually implies they want something or are eager to play. Puppies and younger dogs are the most prone to this habit. When a puppy wants to feed, it will raise its paws to touch its mother. So, if your young puppy does anything like that to you, it shows it loves you and wants you to pay attention to them and play with them.

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    • Stretching:

      Stretching isn't simply something dogs do after they wake up from a lengthy slumber; it's also something they do to show affection. Have you noticed that when you go home, your dog stretches? They're expressing their delight upon seeing you! Stretching does not necessarily indicate that a dog has just awoken from a nap or is attempting to loosen up before playtime. It is a sign of love and affection for someone. They're ecstatic to see you, and these kinds of stretches resemble the play bow. So, if you notice your dog stretching, go shower them with affection.


      We hope with the help of this article, we were able to teach you something interesting about your furry companions. The next time you see your dog doing any of these actions you know the hidden meaning behind it. As some behaviours are inherent, there is little you can do to change them. All you have to do now is reply appropriately to your canine buddy.


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