15 Insane Facts About Dogs!

When it comes to man's best friend, there are a ton of fascinating facts to discover. The least we can do is find out a little bit more about what makes these four-legged family members so unique—not that we need any more evidence—given all the love, cuddles, and companionship they provide us. There are numerous facts about dogs that go beyond their behaviour and facial expressions, regardless of how big or small your dog is. Even though the list is endless, these are some of our favourites.


  1. Their sense of smell is at least 40 times better than humans. 

In comparison to humans, dogs have a 40 times greater area of smell-detecting brain cells. This implies that your dog is far more sensitive to odours than we are. Dogs are frequently used to sniff out persons, drugs, and even money because of this!


  1. Dogs can breathe while they're sniffing.

Dogs sniff a lot because they rely heavily on their sense of smell to detect food, potential threats, and pals. They can breathe freely and still determine what that smell is because their noses are made to allow smells to remain in their noses while air may enter and exit their lungs simultaneously.


  1. Some canines can swim incredibly well.

Dogs don't necessarily enjoy the water, but those that do usually have outstanding swimming skills (but again, it's not the case with all of them, so always keep an eye on your dog in case they decide to take a dip by themselves). Due to their exceptional swimming abilities, Newfoundland’s have long been employed as water rescue canines.


  1. Dogs can be left or right-pawed.

According to a few studies, dogs, like humans, have a preferred hand paw to lead with. By giving your dog their preferred toy or interactive activity and observing which paw helps them first, you may determine whether your dog is left- or right-pawed.


  1. Their hearing is extremely sensitive, just like their noses.

We all know that dogs have considerably greater hearing thresholds than humans, but did you realise they also have a wider hearing range? Dogs often have far weaker hearing than humans do, allowing them to hear things that are much farther away.


  1. Dogs' ears are controlled by 18 muscles.

If you own a dog, you might have noticed that it frequently moves its ears. The muscles that move their ears are about 18 in number. These play a huge role in letting us know how our dogs are feeling and assist them to gently altering the orientation of their ears so they can hear sounds around them better. A dog's ears play a key role in helping them communicate with humans and other dogs because so much of their body language is displayed through what they are doing.


  1. Dogs have intelligence similar to that of a two-year-old.

According to studies, dogs are as intelligent and perceptive as a two-year-old since they can pick up over 100 phrases and gestures. Dogs, on the other hand, are considerably simpler to teach than a two-year-old! Because they are intelligent and incredibly devoted creatures, they are utilised for a variety of vocations, from military functions to support dogs.


  1. They have a very underdeveloped sense of taste.

Dogs have 1,700 taste buds compared to humans' 9,000, or roughly one-sixth as many. Dogs will eat rotting food leftovers (or grass) just as voraciously as they will a bowl of kibble or a piece of steak because of this. Their less refined taste is partly a result of their inherited evolutionary impulses from when they used to scavenge in the wild.


  1. Dog noses differ from one another.

A dog's nose is similar to a person's fingerprint in that each one has a distinctive pattern of ridges and folds.


  1. Dogs dream just like humans.

Your dog is likely dreaming if you've ever spotted her twitching while she sleeps. According to research, little breeds of dogs dream more frequently than large ones, and their sleep and brain activity are similar to those of humans. According to studies, they are likely visualising common activities like playing outside or chasing their tail.


  1. Dogs eating faeces is not unusual.

Unsurprisingly, dogs frequently consume their waste (and other faecal matter too). Although it may be disgusting, it is completely normal and dates back to their pre-domestication days thousands of years ago. While older dogs often grow out of the behaviour, some older dogs continue to exhibit it until maturity. The behaviour is more prevalent in puppies.


  1. Avoid being overly touchy.

You adore your good boy or good girl dearly. However, they don't enjoy it when you offer them bear hugs. A dog does not express love or desire to be loved in the same way that people do. It may even be distressing. Although dogs can adapt and grow accustomed to receiving hugs from their loved ones, you should exercise caution when hugging unfamiliar dogs or allowing strangers to embrace your own.


  1. A dog's yawn is not the same as that of a person.

You probably automatically assume that your dog is sleepy when he yawns loudly, just like humans do. Dogs yawn for a variety of reasons, though they may occasionally do so as an indication of fatigue. Repeated yawning is an indication that your dog is agitated or anxious since dogs’ yawn to calm themselves down. Analysing the context of the scenario can typically help you figure out what's going on, similar to how a cat's purr might imply a variety of different things.


  1. Dog kisses (licks) have a different meaning.

Your dog may occasionally kiss you in the face, contrary to what you may believe. Like a mother dog might lick her young pups, dogs lick to form bonds. However, a dog's natural tendency is to lick its mother's face when it is a puppy, signalling the mother to vomit food for the youngster to eat. This may also be a contributing factor.

  1. Dogs don't sweat as humans do.

Dogs do sweat but don't anticipate seeing sweaty armpits any time soon. Whereas humans make a watery sweat to cool off, dogs produce an oily sweat that is pheromone-rich but invisible to people (dogs can smell it because they have such keen senses of smell). Dogs only perspire like humans on their paws; therefore, they want to cool down instead. Because of this, it's crucial to keep your dog cool on hotter days to make things simpler for them.

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