Treat Your Pet’s Arthritis Pain in Just Minutes with CBD oil


We always want to see our pets happy and healthy. Our pets are an indispensable part of our family, and it is sad to see them suffering from pain. But just like humans, our pets also suffer from health problems. An issue that often develops when a dog grows is arthritis. It mostly affects dogs in their senior year.

When it comes to our furry friends, we become very cautious about treatments. We want remedies that are less painful and make our pets healthier and happier again. There is no cure for arthritis, but we can manage the pain of our dogs through treatments and one of the best treatments is the use of CBD oil.

CBD oil has gained immense popularity recently among pet parents. In this blog, we will be answering common questions regarding the use of CBD oil and its side effects, along with covering general treatments for arthritis.

What is arthritis?

Is your furry friend slowing down? Do they seem reluctant to play or do exercise? There may be a chance that your little friend is suffering from arthritis. It is a progressive disease-causing swelling in the joints, leading to pain and discomfort in dogs. Dogs suffering from arthritis experience discomfort in their joints that interfere with their daily activities. It can occur in any joint, but most commonly, it is found in the knees, shoulders, hips, and elbows.

What causes arthritis?

Arthritis may occur as a result of ageing and normal wear and tear brought on by passing time. Dogs can get arthritis as a result of many traumas and wounds that they have sustained. Generally, older dogs are more prone to arthritis, but if the pup has bone and joint development problems from the beginning, the condition can develop at an early age as well. Other causes of arthritis may include;

1) Injury leading to ligament damage or fracture
2) Obesity
3) Excessive exercise
4) Infections affecting joints
5) Genetics

Signs of arthritis in a dog?

Arthritis is a progressive disorder, and with time it keeps on worsening. The first thing you will notice is a change in your dog's normal behaviour. Your dog might start to slow down, not like to play, or jump on its favourite chair. Other symptoms include:

1) Limping and lameness
You may see your doggo limping or favouring one leg compared to the other, depending on the joint that has been affected.

2) Yelping when touched
You might find your dog yelping when you try to pet him. He might be reluctant and reject your touch. It is due to the pain in joints when you touch certain parts of your four-legged friend.

3) Irritability
Is your once happy-to-go dog now turned grumpy? Well, he might have unbearable pain in the joints, forcing him to lie down rather than jump happily.

4) Becoming Secluded
If your dog is suffering from arthritis, he might stop taking interest in his daily activities, which he used to love. He might become secluded in a corner of the house or won't follow you around.

Treatment of arthritis

Dealing with a pet having arthritis can be a lot of work. Pet parents want to make their best companion feel comfortable and in less pain. After all, dealing with a friend suffering from a progressive disease is quite a learning process. So here we are with a few things you can do at home to make your pet feel comfortable.

1) Use a speciality bed specially curated for a dog suffering from arthritis.
2) Make certain that their bed is kept in a warm location, as cold can trigger joint pain.
3) Massage therapy on your dog's joints can be very helpful
4) Using warm compresses on their joints can make them feel better
5) Special harnesses can be used to help them stand out and go for a walk. 

There is no cure for arthritis, but you can take steps to reduce the pain in your furry baby. The treatment is normally focused on easing pain and swelling and slowing down the development of the disease. Usually, diet, exercise, and supplements are suggested for canines suffering from arthritis. One of the best ways to manage arthritis pain in your dog is by using CBD oil.

CBD oil to manage arthritis pain

In recent years, CBD oil has become the fastest-growing health trend in the world of pets. We all have doubts about the use of CBD oil for our beloved pet's health. Wanna know if CBD oil is good for your four-legged friend? Read on!

What is CBD oil?
CBD or cannabidiol is obtained from the hemp variant of the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has two variants: hemp and marijuana. The primary difference between the two is the content of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a compound that holds psychoactive properties, causing intoxication or a feeling of highness on consumption. The hemp part of the cannabis plant, on the other hand, contains no more than 0.3% THC compound, which is far too little to affect your dog. CBD oil for dogs and other animals is usually made from the hemp variant.

Does CBD oil reduce a dog's arthritis pain?
There is no cure for arthritis, but CBD oil for dogs can help with reducing the pain. After extensive research and trials, it has been proved that CBD oil helps in improving mobility and reducing pain in joints. It has also shown anti-inflammatory effects on dogs.

There are many types of CBD oil for dogs available on the market, specially formulated for dogs with arthritis. Being a game changer in the paw's world, we would recommend buying 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD Oil like  PawsIndia Organics' Relax CBD Oil for pets. It comes with chicken flavouring, making it easier to give to your pets without much fuss. You can add it to your dog's food or his favourite treat for convenience. You will start to see noticeable changes in your pooch movements.

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?
Well, the good news is no major side effects have been found in dogs on using CBD oil as a treatment. It is completely safe and natural. Potential side-effects due to improper dosage might include dry mouth, drowsiness, and low blood pressure. But it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before using CBD oil on your pup or start with small amounts and monitor the changes.

Can CBD oil make dogs high?
Many pawrents are afraid that CBD oil will make their dog intoxicated. The first line that comes to our mind on hearing CBD oil for dogs is, "No way I'm getting my pooch high." But it is not at all true! CBD oil and marijuana are two very different things. The main difference between the two variants of the cannabis plant is THC, the compound responsible for psychoactive effects.

CBD oil for dogs is extracted from the hemp variant of the cannabis plant, having no more than 0.3% THC compound. Such a small trace of THC is not enough to intoxicate your dog. CBD oil for dogs produces a calming effect rather than making dogs feel dizzy.

What is the best kind of CBD oil for dogs with arthritis?
Being a pawrent, you want the best and the highest-quality CBD oil for your pet. But with so many options available in the market, we often get confused. CBD oil mainly comes in three types - CBD oil with coconut, CBD oil with MCT and CBD oil with Hemp. To identify the best CBD oil for your furry friends, here’s a brief guide for you to consider.

1) CBD oil with coconut oil
Most brands usually combine a carrier to make CBD oil easily digestible. One of the most common carriers is CBD oil infused with coconut oil. Though both oils complement each other, there are some cons associated with coconut oil as a carrier. Coconut oil is composed of medium and longer-chain fats which can have some negative results if consumed daily. The carrier does not even lead to quicker absorption of CBD oil.

2) CBD oil with Hemp seed oil
Hemp seed oil as a carrier is much better than coconut oil. It offers a balanced mix of fats and boosts CBD powers. Hemp seed oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds and is rich in antioxidants and amino acids. It has a little piquant flavour (grassy) which your picky pup might not prefer to consume.

3) CBD oil with MCT
MCT oil is our favourite carrier of CBD oil. It is composed of medium-chain fats and helps in quicker and faster absorption of CBD oil. Adding to that it is commonly odourless, meaning your picky eater will not have any problem with consumption. 

We will suggest you opt for a CBD oil which contains MCT oil as well, like PawsIndia Organics' Relax CBD Oil for pets.

Why CBD with MCT oil is better for Dogs and why does Pawsindia recommend it?

We have already seen the amazing effects of CBD oil on dogs. But what if along with CBD oil you can also get the benefits of MCT oil? Double happiness for your pawsome friend, isn’t it?

Let’s understand a little about MCT oil and understand why CBD oil with MCT oil is the best.

What is MCT oil?
MCT oil which stands for Medium-Chain-Triglycerides made up of MCT fats commonly found in coconut oil. It can also be found in palm oil and various dairy products. They are easily digestible and help in the absorption of nutrients. There are numerous health benefits associated with MCT oil like improving digestion, maintaining good skin health, low blood sugar levels and reducing chronic inflammation.

Why does Pawsindia recommend CBD oil with MCT oil?
CBD oil is extracted from the hemp part of the cannabis plant which contains not more than 0.3% THC, the compound that causes intoxication. Just imagine if you find CBD oil with MCT, the benefits would be doubled. Both CBD oil and MCT oil carry a wide range of benefits and if put together can act miraculously. Dogs can benefit from MCT oil acting as a carrier for CBD products. Both oils act as a complement to each other.

CBD oil can help relieve joint pains and help in maintaining overall health whereas MCT oil will help in the consumption and absorption of CBD oil so your pawsome friend can enjoy all the benefits.

Pawsindia recommends CBD oil with MCT oil to help the pup reap all the benefits. The combination can prove to be a powerful relief for your pet without having any major side effects and risks. You can go for  PawsIndia Organics' Relax CBD Oil for pets which contains the benefits of both CBD oil and MCT oil. It is 100% pure broad-spectrum oil with delicious chicken flavouring. It is made in the UK with thorough lab testing and contains ZERO THC. The MCT oil in Relax CBD Oil acts as an effective carrier to CBD Oil. It helps speed up the digestion process and results in greater and faster absorption of CBD into the pet’s body.

Being a pawrent, it is hard to see our little pup suffering and whimpering in pain. Our beloved pet is just like our family, and we would make ends meet to relieve him from suffering. As a naturally derived substance, CBD oil can help reduce joint pain. 

When in doubt about the best CBD oil, you can easily trust PawsIndia Organics' Relax CBD Oil for pets. We provide 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD Oil with MCT Oil with added chicken flavouring to relieve your pet’s pain. We are a leading e-commerce business dealing in a wide array of pet food, toys, and supplies. Our mission is to bring a change in the paw world by making pet products easily accessible to parents and to keep our fur babies happy and healthy.

With PawsIndia - You Parent, We Pamper

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