This might not come as a surprise to you, but while you are busy doing your chores, your furry friends tend to get bored. More bored than you’d think. This often results in chewed up shoes, ripped carpets, and pillows. This also takes a toll on your dog’s mental health. Anxiety, destructive behaviour, are just some of the problems that dog parents notice in their dog. Although there are a lot of toys for dogs out there, there is only so much that your dog can do with a ball when left by themselves. So the question of How to keep dogs entertained and active arises. 

Interactive dog toys are the answer! 

Interactive dog toys keep your pet’s brain sharp and charged at all times, which help you steer clear your dog of any problems physical or mental. These toys are designed to keep your dogs active, sharp and energetic and also complement ever changed the lifestyle of pet parents.

When looking for toys to keep dogs busy, you must understand your pet’s strength, temperament, and then move on to carefully choosing toys for them. We suggest you look for Dog toys online, understand them to pick the one that works best for your dog. Pawsindia has picked and curated some pamper buddies for your pets for the times you are always busy and on the go.

Here is a list of 6 interactive dog toys for busy pet owners:


1. Wobble wag Interactive dog toy

Wobble wag is one of the best smart dog toys specially designed to keep your dog active. When your dog pushes the toy or picks it up or even shakes it, this toy makes fun giggly sounds. The battery-less design is perfect to keep your furry friends occupied when you are not around as the sound is bound to make them curious. Wobble wag is just the right stimulus your dog needs to keep him/her active and exercised. You can say bye-bye to destructive behaviour as wobble wag give keeps them mentally sound and physically active. 

A bestseller in the UK and the US now is available in India. Get your furry friend this perfect surprise today!

 Shop: https://pawsindia.com/products/24


2. Trembling Monster

The trembling monster should be your go-to if you are looking for Moving dog toys. It’s accurate and quick motion sensors bark, tremble, and jump if the dog bites, sniffs, or shows aggression. Designed to keep your pet occupied for hours at length. The trembling monster’s reaction to your dog, give him/her a feeling of prey which enhances the playing experience multiple folds! The toy is especially useful if your dog is aggressive and hyperactive. 

When the trembling monster jumps and makes sounds, it gives your dog the stimulus of prey, making him/her attack they toy, so your pet no longer has destructive instincts. The toy is like a real-life playmate that complements your dog’s mood, be it aggressive, playful or frightening, the trembling monster knows how to react be it any situation. Making this a perfect toy for your dogs.

 Shop: https://pawsindia.com/collections/dog-toys/battery-operated-toys


3. Magic Roller 

This innovation is the perfect boredom buster for your dogs, designed to stimulate your pet’s senses and keep them active. Active dogs are happy dogs. It helps in preventing any unnecessary destructive behaviour triggered by your dog’s boredom. This toy helps to keep your dog’s muscles and joints in good shape. And also, the non-toxic plastic ball does not have any negative effects on your pets unline regular plastic balls.

 Shop: https://pawsindia.com/products/14


4. Wicked Ball

This moving toy is designed for dogs as well as cats alike. It accurately stimulates pet’s nature of hunting and allows your pets to make the most of their playtime. The toy is a 100% automatic toy and comes with 3 interaction modes that match your pet’s energy and keep them engaged. Once charged for an hour, it can keep your pets busy for over 8 hours. The wicked ball is one of the best indoor dog exercise toys. Give your furry friends all the exercise and attention they need with Wicked Ball. 

 Shop: https://pawsindia.com/collections/wicked-ball


5. Wicked Bone

Wicked Bone is the world’s first smart and interactive toy. 

This interactive and wicked device is in fact very easy to use! All you have to do is download the wicked bone app and connect via Bluetooth to the wicked bone, and voila! You have the best one of the best indoor games for dogs!

You can now control the bone through the app which literally feels like playing a video game. Wicked bone also has 9 preset motions that keep your dog highly focused and busy. The wicked bone can be used outdoors as well, making it one of the best outdoor activities for dogs.

To top all of that, the interactive mode is wired to play with your dog when you are busy! Wicked bone, acts responsively to various touch responses to keep up with your dog’s energy all while making it playful. 1 hour of charge time = 40 minutes of drive mode, 4+ hours in the interactive mode, 3 months + sleep mode. It also has Quick cleaning and easily replaceable tires.

Grab this wicked companion for your dog today!

 Shop: https://pawsindia.com/products/wickedbone


6. Treat Tumbler

Treat tumbler is yet another one of our fun and interactive dog toys that will keep your dog active and happy. This treat dispenser for dogs is designed to slowly dispense treats if and when you want it to. It evokes all of your dog’s senses, This ultimate and wholesome toy, enhances your dog’s, sense of smell, vision, and taste. When your furry friends play with it, it carefully dispenses treat and this can be an excellent way to fight obesity in dogs and also an effective dog training tool. 

Pawsindia has a modern and tech-friendly approach to pet care. We believe that dogs require an equal amount of attention, love and care as any humans. 

Dog parents are usually unaware of the critical care and love it takes to raise your dog right. 

We, at PawsIndia, aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient and also pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. Staying true to our promise of being there for you and your furry friends, we hope our handpicked and curated pamper goodies will make your as well as you and your dog’s lives better!

Shop: https://pawsindia.com/collections/dog-toys/treat-tumbler


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