Dog Treat : How to Choose the Right Dog Treats in India ?


 Dog Treats

Treats are to dogs what cheat meals are to humans. Doggos look forward to enjoying these tasty treats apart from their daily healthy food. Treats definitely “mix it up a bit” their routine diet so they don't get bored eating the same dull foods. Treats are just a medium for you to shower your love and appreciation towards your dog. No doubt, edible treats work wonders but a small pat and a few praises from you go a long way. Also, the entire experience is so wholesome, it makes treating all the more worthwhile.

But with such a widespread of dog treats available on offer, the selection process is more confusing. It makes it difficult to judge and choose the right one for your dog, 

With all the options available in the market, do you know exactly which ones to get for your dog? Which is healthy or non-healthy? What things to look out for when getting treats for your pets? Let’s try to address these problems:

  • Misleading Information: When selling their treats, brands often mislead their customers into feeding stuff that may not seem harmful at first but may pose a grave threat to their health in the longer run. Ingredients such as corn, soy, salt, garlic, raisins and grapes, etc are just some ingredients that should be avoided at all costs. The most procured product is a by-product of chicken. It is generally processed with cheap fillers and coatings for them to taste sweet, last longer and price competitively to lure customers. Beware of such as there are many such products reported on India shelves.


  • Unethical Practices: Unethical certification practices, misdeclaration on labelling and lenient Govt. laws just add to the whole problem. There are not many strict rules and regulations that control the production and distribution of pet food across the country. This gives rise to new players dealing in dog food and treats without proper FSSAI certification. There aren’t any stringent laws on the production and import of pet food. There has occurred cases wherein processed treats, harmful preservatives or ingredients are not mentioned clearly on the packaging. In some cases, there have been instances where the ingredients were found written in the Chinese language and found on the Indian shelves.

  • Sugar: Sugar and Salt are harmful ingredients for dogs and are blatantly being fed to them in little amounts. Sugar or artificial sweeteners like Xylitol are a slow poison for dogs. They consume it in little amounts from several different food items such as treats, kibble, human food, etc. These accumulated little amounts prove fatal for their health in the long term and cause them to get obese or worse diabetes. The excess sugar in a dog’s body leads to a rise in glucose levels. This leads to the dog’s body forming excess urine to flush out the extra build-up of sugar, which leads to dehydration. In addition to this, the rise in blood sugar and dehydration affects the brain’s ability to function normally, leading to depression, seizures and coma.


Watch out for these symptoms, and avoid chances of your any serious harm to your dog’s health:  

  • Increased thirst (polydipsia)
  • Increased urination (polyuria)
  • Depression.
  • Weight loss.
  • Obesity.
  • Excessive hunger.
  • Dehydration.
  • Cataract.
  • Harmful Substances: Be careful to watch out for ingredients such as Xylitol, white flour, BHT, corn, MSG, artificial food colouring, etc or any chemicals or preservatives. Even the addition of coating and substances to food for them to look appealing harms your pet's health in the process. This is very dangerous for your dog’s health and can be the cause of terminal diseases in the long run.


Considering all the varied dog treats available in the market. Dehydrated Meat Dog Treats or Jerkies, Raw Hide treats, Single-ingredient treats, Oat-based, Freeze Dried, etc are the most viable options of dog treats you should consider. Check out the Raw Bites Dehydrated Dog Treats from Pawsindia Organics. They are 100% Natural, Low Calorie, Free of Preservatives, and rich in Protein so the health of your pet is not at all compromised. Raw Bites are totally human-grade treats meaning – they’re extremely safe and made with human-grade ingredients, making them more than beneficial for your pets’ consumption.

Raw Bites are made of a single ingredient i.e., air-dried meat sourced from farm-grown produce in Goa. They are 100% organic and have the highest amounts of protein amongst the dog treats available in the market. Add to that, they don't have any salt, sugar, seasonings, or preservatives to ensure your dog gets all-around nutrition. Jerkies are a tasty yet nutritional alternative to regular dog treats for fussy eaters. Dehydrated dog treats give you all the health benefits of raw meat while dodging any risk of harmful pathogens. Hence, jerkies are a safer option against many other commercial dog treats that contain additives and chemical enhancers. Also, dehydrated treats last longer and are easier to store. 

Jerky Treats are also available in various options of meats. Each meat has its unique speciality and jerkies help them reach your dog in an efficient and unadulterated way. Pawsindia Organics’ Raw Bites are available in 5 different meat options to tingle your doggos taste buds.


Dog treats : Chicken Jerky

Chicken jerky dog treats are equally appetizing and rich in protein. These treats are made of high-quality chicken breast as they contain high amounts of protein and low levels of fat. A high-protein and low-fat diet help keep your dog’s weight in check and obesity under control. Chicken is lean meat and is perfect for your canine friends. It provides dogs with tremendous energy. Chicken meat also has the highest levels of amino acids in its protein that acts as an effective dietary supplement. The perfect treat for dogs who recognize and rejoice in the taste of Chicken.

dog treat turkey jerky

You can never go wrong with lean, dried, raw turkey strips to treat your dogs for being a good boy. Exotic turkey jerky strips that are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet and proper weight management. The vitamins found in turkey are responsible for metabolizing fats and carbohydrates into energy. Even, Phosphorus known to support healthy kidney function in dogs and flush out any toxins from their body through urine is found in turkey meat.

Dog Treat salmon Jerky

There's nothing more appetizing and equally nutritious than naturally dehydrated salmon sliced from fresh fillets of wild Salmon. The flesh is used from fresh salmon fillets and not any by-products. Salmon meat is superbly rich in omega-3 fatty acids and phosphorus to help strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in joints. It also makes your pups' skin and coat shiny and soft. What's more, is that this jerky is loved by both cats and dogs alike.

Dog treat duck jerky

While being a great source of protein, Duck meat is all-rounder meat with low fat. It comes loaded with Vitamin B3 to control glucose levels and Vitamin B6 to support energy metabolism and cardiovascular health. Duck meat contains essential minerals that help boost the immune system. Selenium in duck meat helps maintain the optimal thyroid function of your pet.

Dog Treats rabbit jerky

Rabbit Meat is a very lean white meat out of all. It is extremely rich in protein and has the lowest amounts of cholesterol and fats when compared to other meats. It is the only excellent source of Vitamin B12 in dog treats. It is an efficient vitamin that aims to improve and maintain high energy levels while supporting their nervous and immune system.

Be wise and keep control of how many treats you give your dog. Don't let that amount exceed over 10% of their daily diet. Reading package labels and ingredients is something you'll learn eventually but keep your dog’s overall diet balanced and nutritious for a healthier and longer life.

PawsIndia Organics is developed to fill the incompetency regarding pets food and health care products. Providing 100% Natural, Organic and unadulterated pet health care products is the only goal. It is an entirely new segment produced for the holistic growth and development of pets by Pawsindia. 

PawsIndia is a one-stop-shop pet portal for all your pet product needs. We are a leading product development and design company for pets. Our strive for innovation reflects in all our products. We are the forerunners of e-com platforms that provide content, serve local businesses with handcrafted products, and are the ultimate platform for the well-being of your pet.

What makes us different? Pet parents want us!

Our mission is to make their life easy and their pet happy. And a parent's immense happiness is in seeing their child's wagging tails.

With PawsIndia – You Parent, We Pamper.
Let's revolutionize the pet space together.


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