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We at PawsIndia are on a mission to make the lives of pets better. Our tech-infused approach to products makes pet parenting easier for you and betters pet lives. A little pampering doesn't hurt anyone and when it comes to pets, the more the better. 

In our 5 years of experience, we have developed numerous toys and products for our furry buddies. But knowing our potential and your pets' needs we needed something more, much more. From our time in the market, we observed and learned that just like humans pets too have needs. They too need additional vitamins, nutrients that normal daily food is not able to provide. There may be even a need for some medicine to cure a certain disease or illness. With PawsIndia Organics we aim to fill this gap and develop an entire new segment for the holistic growth and development of pets. 

 In accords with the introduction to PawsIndia Organics, we would like to share with you our exciting range of products we have managed to develop:

Hemp Oil for dogs

A lot of taboo revolves around the production and usage of hemp seed oil for pets. We have decided to take a stand and implement the use of Hemp Seed Oil for the better ailment of pets. It is a miraculous remedy that has proven to work wonders and hence deserves its due credit. Hemp Seed Oil is a cold-pressed oil extracted from the seed of the hemp plant. The hemp plant seed does not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the compound known to create the "high" that comes from the consumption of marijuana. Calm Hemp Seed Oil is 100% natural and has abundant omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids which help in suppressing pain and numerous other health benefits. It can be used orally by mixing it in food or spot application on joints helps improve joint strength mobility.

Cbd oil for dogs

Similar to Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil also has its fair share of misconceptions. CBD Oil or cannabidiol oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. Just like hemp seed oil, CBD oil doesn’t have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a cannabinoid with psychoactive properties known to produce the feeling of intoxication. CBD Oil benefits pets majorly by acting as an effective pain killer. Apart from suppressing pain CBD Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which help in improving the flexibility and smooth movement of joints. This magical remedy also reduces stress and anxiety caused due to boredom, separation, loud noises, strangers, or loneliness. Frequent consumption and spot application of CBD Oil aides healthy growth of skin and coat. 

Dog Treats

Dehydrated meat is the future of dog treats. Made out of a single ingredient - air-dried meat jerkies are the go-to treat for your pet. The absence of salt, sugar, seasonings, and preservatives ensures your dog gets all-around nutrition. Jerkies are a tasty yet nutritional alternative for dogs who are fussy eaters. Through dehydrated dog treats you are getting all the health benefits of raw meat while dodging the risk of any harmful pathogens. Unlike many commercial dog treats that include additives and chemical enhancers, these are much safer options. Also, dehydrated treats are easier to store and last longer making them a healthier option. While developing these, we decided to go all out and came up with 5 different meat options to tingle all taste buds of dogs out there. Them being:

Peanut butter for dogs

To spoil your doggos with a mouth-watering treat we formulated the Licks Peanut Butter. Let them dive into the goodness of peanuts with the rich flavouring of honey and the benefits of flaxseed. The bonus perks of Licks Peanut Butter include hiding pills or distracting your dog while bathing them or trimming their nails. Trust Us! Your dogs are going to LOVE IT!

Apart from these, there are numerous products lined up in the coming future. With PawsIndia Organics we have decided to solve pet problems as our own. In the future, we will be introducing more exciting products such as Pet Mist and Anti-Tick and Flea cream. 

Stay connected with us to know more about these products and their launch. We'll keep you updated about the new launches and further details about the products. With PawsIndia's industry-leading shipping, delivery, and top-notch after-sales service you'll be able to reap the benefits of these new products more efficiently.

After all, as we say, 
We work hard to see your pet's happy wagging tails.

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