How to Get rid of your pet’s boredom and anxiety


Your pets are highly social creatures, some more than others, which means, they try to get all the attention, and entertainment they can. Every dog parent is aware that their dogs require mental and physical stimulus that matches their energy and pace. This when is missing, pets tend to develop behavioural issues.

What causes these behavioural problems?

They mainly root from boredom, lack of physical and mental stimulation, and can lead to something as serious as anxiety in dogs. This leads to parents looking for answers to questions like, how to calm an anxious dog. This also causes chewing problems, excessive barking, or even digging, and at times can leave your dog gloomy.

Most people aren't conscious that pets can grieve from similar mental health situations that humans can. When pets get exhausted, they can formulate some harmful attitudes. The trouble is that most of us don't have actual chores for our pets to accomplish. They don't have to labour for their food, admiration, or toys; they get it all for free. And while receiving things for free is excellent, it leaves many of our pets with a bunch of downtimes.

Pets were born to act alongside humans, so they can handily become exhausted without a good invitation. Luckily, you can play occasional games, toys for bored pets or toys for bored cats that you can use treats you can bring about, and tricks you can instruct to lessen your pet's lethargy rapidly.

Here are some tips that can help relieve your dog's boredom, and help put an end to their problem behaviours:

. Separation Anxiety Relief:

Dogs, being more social than others, can develop separation anxiety if left home alone, especially those who are habituated to having humans around them. Parents should be on a lookout for any anxiety signs in dogs and take timely action on it.

Separation anxiety in dogs can be relieved with the help of toys for anxious dogs. Here are a few toys for anxious dogs that you can invest in.

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. Tug of Wall:

Tug of wall is India’s first hands-free toys for bored dogs. If you’re away from your dog owing to your busy schedule but want to make sure that your pet should feel occupied and active when you’re away then this is the perfect toy. Playing with Tug of wall is one of the best anxiety relief for dogs. This toy will help your dog overcome separation anxiety or even feeling bored by keeping them active and entertained.

Benefits of Tug of Wall:

  • Keeps your pet occupied and boredom free
  • Helps with dogs who constantly tug and things.
  • ● No longer chewed shoes, pillows, and carpets anxious dogs.

. Treat Tumbler:

If you are someone who is away for long hours, feeding your dog is an issue. Treat tumbler is a toy that will tease your toy to make him stay active and reward them with treats! When your pet rolls it skilfully it dispenses the treat as a reward to the dog and also keeps him active throughout. This, in turn, ensures that the dog is active.

Benefits of Treat Tumbler:

  • Dispenses treats as rewards
  • Teases dog to stay active and occupied
  • Helps fight obesity
  • The solution to slow feeding
  • Anxiety relief for dogs

. Interactive Toys:

When given something interesting to play it helps keep your pet’s boredom away. You indeed need to find toys that keep your pet active, stimulated and occupied, to avoid behavioural issues, and anxiety. Each kind of pet requires different kinds of stimulus, it is in the best interest for you to find the right toy for your pet by experimenting. Which is when interactive dog toys come to your rescue.

The right toy for your pet also depends upon their age and their behaviour. Eg: If your pet is known to bite, and tear things around the house, you need to find a toy that can satisfy their need to do so. You can even use toys in rotation so that your pet does not get bored with one particular toy and it keeps them engaged while you work long hours. Interactive dog toys help in anxiety relief for dogs.

Here are a few interactive toys for pets that you can try out for your pets:

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. Dental Toy

For all those dogs who can’t help but chew their energy and anxiety away, Dental Toy is a steal! This toy acts as a tooth cleaner as well as satisfies your dog's needs to bite on things. So, you no longer have to deal with bitten shoes and torn rugs!

The dog toothbrush toy is soft enough to prevent damage to the dog’s gums, it can help them to clean teeth and protect them from oral diseases. Make your dog oral healthy and fresh, so you can enjoy the happy time with your lovely dog. The toy is also great for dogs who are teething. No longer come home to damaged pillows, rugs and shoes.

Benefits of Dental Toy:

  • Helps pets with anxiety
  • Satisfies chewing needs
  • Beneficial for teething dogs

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. Trembling Monster

You and I both know that we cannot accompany our dogs at all times, play with them as we have chores of our own. Which is when your pet’s boredom kicks in due to that lack of stimulus, inactivity, and no exercise. It is important to keep your pets active and engage even if you are on a busy schedule and cannot give them the time.

Trembling monster does wonder for your dog's anxiety as it is receptive to your dog's behaviour towards it. The toy is also useful for dogs with hunting tendencies. It acts like prey and gives your dog a sense of hunting prey and keep them away from harmful and destructive tendencies.

Benefits of Trembling Monster:

  • Keeps dogs engaged for hours
  • Satisfies their hunting tendencies
  • Helps calm anxiety from boredom and inactivity

Get Some Exercise

Unlike humans, pets do not have to earn their bread or work hard all day. Which is why getting your dog some exercise is a must. Some outdoor time always does them good. Things like a long walk or job, outdoor toys, can help your dog stay active, healthy, and even fight obesity thus better their mental health.

Here are a few toys that you can use to keep your dogs on their toes:

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. Wobble wag:

This interactive dog toy responds to your pet’s actions and entices them to play. So, you can get your work done and also put your dog to some work.

Benefits of Wobble wag:

  • Keeps your pet on their toes for hours
  • Helps fight obesity
  • Makes them curious
  • Helps fight anxiety in pets

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. Wicked Ball:

The wicked ball is designed with interactive moving features that will stimulate the pet's nature of hunting, and helpfully mobilize their enthusiasm and curiosity. This amazing moving toy is going to give your pet the interaction and exercise they crave for even when you are not around.

Benefits of Wicked Ball:

  • Fully automatic
  • Attracts pets and gets a response out of them
  • Keeps pets active
  • Helps fight anxiety

We, at PawsIndia, aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient and also pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. Staying true to our promise of being there for you and your furry friends, we hope our handpicked and curated pamper goodies will make your as well as you and your dog’s lives better!

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