How To Take Care Of A Senior Dog?

Ever consider the autumn evening you took the small fur ball home and wonder if it seemed like yesterday?

The problem with time is that it sneaks up on you. There you are enjoying a lovely evening stroll when you observe your dog walking the path with a small limp. The unexpected revelation that your dog can no longer go up the stairs at his usual frenzied rate also be the cause.

How did the time fly by?

You are aware that as your dog reaches his golden years, his impending death is becoming nearer. Dogs may lose energy as they age and may get conditions like cataracts or arthritis, but you know you won't give in to ageing pressures. Through the lows and highs of life, he has watched out for you, and you will do the same for him.

Understanding the requirements of senior dogs

As with people, a dog's age is just like people’s. From energy levels to grey hair, they too go through the same. In general, larger dogs age more quickly than smaller dogs. Due to changes in metabolism, older dogs become more vulnerable to excessive temperature changes. Similar to ageing people, senior dogs need to exercise moderately because as they age, their joints and respiratory systems degrade.

If your dog seems overweight, you should also consult a veterinarian because excess weight might have an impact on your dog's joint health.

Try if you can get a dog ramp or give soft bedding for an elderly dog with cataracts who could have problems getting on the bed.

Advice for caring for ageing dogs

Senior dogs demand different care than adult dogs or puppies. Additionally, you will need to approach things slightly differently if you want to provide your elderly dog with the finest care possible and keep them healthy.

  1. Give your ageing dog what his body requires to eat.

Dogs need fewer calories as they get older since their metabolism slows down a little bit. If you give an elderly dog the same diet as a young dog, it could cause excess fat to build up on his body and cause diabetes or arthritis.

If your senior dog has heart or kidney issues, you might want to think about a special diet (in consultation with your vet). While diets that assist manage the levels of phosphorus, calcium, and other electrolytes are provided to dogs with kidney illness, those with heart disease are advised to follow a low-sodium diet.

Give your dog food that is simple to digest to support his ageing body. To promote the health of your dog's bones, joints, heart, and brain, you may occasionally need to give him supplements like Omega fatty acids. Here’s where Pawsindia Organics Relax Hemp Seed Oil comes into play. Hemp Seed Oil is an all-natural nutritional supplement for your dogs that will look after the smooth functioning of their joint and bones and also give them smoother and healthier skin and coats.

  1. Your senior dog also needs exercise!

Your dog shouldn't be confined to a quiet area of the house just because he can't run around like he used to. Exercise keeps your dog intellectually and physically active. You may assist your dog to obtain the daily recommended amount of activity by taking him for leisurely walks, swimming, or playing one of his favourite games.

You might want to minimise exercises that require jumping if your dog has back problems.

  1. Seek veterinary care.

Please make sure that regular veterinary check-ups don't disappear. These can be quite useful when planning your senior dog's diet and exercise routine because they allow you to monitor his physical condition.

Older animals with neglected dental health may have a tartar build-up that results in gingivitis, which can let germs into the bloodstream and inflict havoc on your dog's internal organs. Take good care of your dog's teeth.

  1. Make your house pet-friendly for older dogs!

For your senior dog, some thoughtful home improvements would be quite beneficial. To make it easier for your dog with arthritis to move around, try placing carpet or rugs over hard flooring.

The discomfort in the neck brought on by bending down to pick up a bowl could be lessened by using higher food or drink bowls.

The joints of senior dogs are frequently affected by arthritis. Since they bear more weight relative to the size of their joints, heavy dogs often experience more pain from it. Ramps might make it easier for your pet's hips and joints to climb into the car or go upstairs.


  1. Senior dogs also require grooming!

Older dogs with compromised immune systems make easy prey for parasites like ticks and fleas.

Older dogs are more prone to skin irritation since their coats tend to mat readily. Don't forget to look for symptoms of parasites in the body's concealed areas, such as the underside and under the tail.

  1. Take good care of your dog's teeth.

Senior dogs must receive regular dental care to prevent tooth loss. One aspect of grooming that is frequently neglected is dental care.

  1. Most significant - Attend to your elderly dog.

Don't let getting older cause you to lose what you currently have. There are still many opportunities to create memories. Be there for your best friend and carve out time for him amid your busy day.

Keep an eye on how their behaviour, appetite, and weight change. Keep an eye out for any bumps, lumps, or lesions, and contact your veterinarian if you see anything out of the ordinary. Give them your time and love, and pay more attention. Your elderly dog would treasure the most time spent with you.

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