How To Keep Your Pet Entertained

Just like we keep ourselves entertained through various mediums, our pet also needs entertainment. Being a pawrent, you might have become accustomed to the fact that even your pet needs attention, care, and training, whether you are at home or not. Whether you have a dog or cat, both need mental and physical exertion to stay happy and fit. While physical exertion comes from walking, running, and playing, mental stimulation comes from tracking scents outside or attempting to get the kibble out of a puzzle toy.

Keeping our pets engaged and entertained can be quite challenging. We understand, being a pet parent, how crucial it is for you to keep your dog active and energised. So, for you and your pet, here are some enjoyable activities!

When you are with your pet

1) Teach a new trick

Our pets love to learn new tricks. Since you are at home with your pup, why not make it a fun day for you and him by teaching him something new? If your dog is already trained to shake hands and sit at your call, then you can always make him teach new tricks like putting your toys away or bowing down. As a pawrent, it is fun to teach your dog a new trick, and likewise, it is a mental stimulation exercise for your dog.

2) Stairmaster

If you have stairs in the house, you can play a game of fetch indoors. Well, not exactly like fetch, but a game similar to that. Stand on one end of the stairs with your dog, throw a treat or a toy towards the other end, and call your dog to fetch it. You can use a lightweight rubber ball for your dog to fetch.

3) Become a masseuse

Yes, you read that right. Your dog loves massages, and now is the time to let him enjoy a massage by his favourite hooman. Learn the soft spots that relax your dog, and give your pup a relaxing rub. This will not just calm your pup but also improve their blood circulation.

4) Obedience training

Training your pup is an activity of mental stimulation for him. Using positive reinforcement, you can practice all the commands you have taught your furry friend, or you can teach him a new one. It is always helpful to spend at least 5-10 minutes on training every day.

5) A window for your pup

The world goes by, and your pup enjoys viewing that! Your dog loves to watch the outside world slide by from a window. For him, watching the world is a delight to the eyes. If it is feasible, you can keep a small portion of the window open, so your dog can enjoy the scents and sounds of the outdoors.

When you are not with your pet

1) Television

If you are going out for 15-20 mins, you can leave the TV on for your pet to enjoy. Your dog will love to watch Animal Planet because the sights and sounds of different animals help to stimulate your dog’s brain. There are pet-friendly channels on YouTube as well for your furry friend to enjoy.

2) Treat dispensing toy

There are many toys available in the market for your dog's entertainment. And among them, you can opt for a treat dispensing toy. You can use these toys to treat your dog. Once you fill the toy with treats, it will entice your dog, thus making him run after it. These toys will keep your dog entertained and engaged for hours. You will find Pawsindia Treat tumbler, a fun-evoking interactive dog toy to keep your dog active and happy.

3) Chew Toys

Long-lasting chew toys are another great way to keep your pet engaged. Chewing is often thought of as a negative trait when it comes to your pup chewing on furniture. But encouraging good chewing behaviour can benefit your dog a lot.  Chew toys are a great way for your dog to get some solo play.

4) Scavenger hunt

It is one of the best ways to keep your dog busy, along with satisfying his natural instincts to hunt and smell. Make your dog look for food by hiding parts of his kibble or treats around the house. Your pup will definitely enjoy hunting for food, while you are not home.

5) Interactive toys

Interactive toys are a great way to give your dog company while you are busy at work. Interactive toys are designed for mental stimulation and to satisfy natural canine behaviours. If you are confused about which toys are best for your pup's entertainment, then check out the following;

  •     Wicked bone:

The greatest way to give your dog the enjoyable, engaging, and thrilling exercise he requires is with a wicked bone! This bone-shaped gaming gadget enables your dog to play both indoors and outdoors.

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball will quickly become your dog's favourite toy with its entertaining sounds. The ball's giggle sound will thrill and amuse your dog, drawing them into longer and more enjoyable play sessions. To guarantee that play continues even after dark, this interactive dog toy has glow-in-the-dark material.

It features motion sensors that activate when the dog bites, sniffs or acts aggressively. It then barks, trembles, and leaps. It has a 12-second activation mode and may occupy your pet for hours. The trembling monster reacting to your pet makes it seem like prey, which makes playing with the dog much more enjoyable.

Designed with interactive moving features that will stimulate pets' nature of hunting and fully mobilise their enthusiasm and curiosity. Even when you're not home, your pet will get the companionship and activity they need from this incredible interactive toy.


An engaged pet is a happy pet and a bored pet can show signs of aggression. Thus keep your pet happy and engaged with the above tips. If you are looking for more fun ways to keep your pet happy when alone, then visit
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