Top 10 Animal Shelters In India

animal shelter in india

Animal care is rapidly gaining traction in India, even though it has yet to become a global phenomenon. From all across the world, heart-warming accounts of rescue missions and random acts of kindness continue to pour in. People are becoming more interested in raising the living conditions and social status of our furry friends, working tirelessly to make their lives better and happier. The number of volunteers has also increased significantly and donations to the cause have increased immensely.

Let's take a look at some of India's facilities dedicated to restoring the safety, happiness, and health of vulnerable animals.

animal shelter in india

  • People For Animals, New Delhi - PFA, or People for Animals, is India's largest animal protection organisation, with 26 hospitals, 165 units, and 2,50,000 members across the country. PFA is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals in distress. Shelters, ambulance services, sterilisation programmes, therapeutic camps, and disaster relief missions are all run by the organisation. PFA actively patrols roadways to prevent overcrowding and animal smuggling for slaughter. PFA is also a member of India's Film and Censor Board, which monitors animal abuse in films and has successfully brought lawsuits against films that exploit animals.
    animal shelter in india
  • Charlie's Animal Rescue Centre, Bengaluru - CARE is a Bengaluru-based organisation dedicated to housing, rehabilitating, rehoming, and providing urgent medical assistance to stray and abandoned animals. This trust was inspired by a 10-year-old three-legged therapy dog. They offer 24-hour veterinarian care, ambulance services, inpatient care, and dog and cat adoption. They are now constructing a medical centre for street animals that will have an emergency room, operating theatre, x-ray, and scanning equipment.
    animal shelter in india
  • The Blue Cross of India, Chennai - The Blue Cross of India is one of India's most well-known animal welfare organisations, and it was the first of a new breed of animal care organisations in the country. Blue Cross, a shelter in Chennai, houses a variety of animals who have been abandoned, abused, maimed, or crippled. Since 1964, they have treated, rescued, and spared an incredible number of birds and animals.

  • The Bombay Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (BSPCA), Mumbai - BSPCA is a humanitarian organisation that has been operating in India for over 134 years. Its goal is to prevent animal cruelty and provide assistance and relief to all animals in Mumbai. The animal hospital is open 24 hours a day and serves over 10,000 animals and birds each year, including emus, geese, vultures, owls, turtles, horses, monkeys, dogs, and many others. They've initiated new projects like a cardiac centre, an intensive care unit, a blood bank, an animal birth control centre, an electric crematorium, and a sanctuary for stray animals.

  • The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC), New Delhi - The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC) is India's oldest and largest all-animal refuge, according to the website. This all-animal complex, which has around 3000 animals at any given time, was founded in 1980 and is Asia's largest. It has special care units, outpatient clinics, sophisticated dental care, operating rooms, and much more. The SGACC aims to give food, shelter, medication, kindness, safety, and care to sick, injured, and abandoned animals for as long as they require it.

  • Visakha Society For The Protection And Care For Animals, Andhra Pradesh - The Visakha Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA) has been in existence in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, since 1996. The VSPCA, as stated on their website, works to stop the illegal trade in internationally protected sea turtles, rescues cows and water buffalo that are too old or injured to be kept by their previous owners, and provides a permanent happy sanctuary to hundreds of dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, horses, rabbits, tortoises, ducks, and other animals that have been subjected to severe abuse or neglect.
    animal shelter in india
  • Posh Foundation, Uttar Pradesh - Posh Foundation is a homeless shelter and treatment facility in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. "Working for a world in which all people respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom" is their mission. Some of their services include adoptions, sterilising, post-operative care, and cruelty intervention.

  • Animal Aid Unlimited, Rajasthan - Animal Aid Unlimited, based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, was founded by Erika, Jim, and Claire Abrams-Myers. They founded this animal protection group after witnessing the plight of animals in India, and they have lived in India since. They treated almost 50,000 animals by the end of 2015 after launching a hospital in 2003. 

  • Friendicoes, New Delhi - The animal protection organisation, which has been in operation for 35 years, was on the verge of closing down last year due to increasing debts. To save the organisation, many individuals and organisations raised funds. At the two centres, 115 people work, and about Rs 3 crore was spent on pay, food, rent, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Debasree Roy Foundation, Kolkata - It promotes a better relationship between humans and animals. DRF finds new homes for dogs who are injured or unwell. It strives to help stray animals and offers them support. It promotes improved animal-human interactions. DRF is a non-profit organisation that saves and rehomes dogs who are injured or sick. 

These and many more such shelters and individuals all over the country work towards the well-being of animal life. We all wish to create a planet where all beings can co-exist harmoniously and we at Pawsindia are all up for it.

Our mission is to make their life easy and their pet happy. And a parent's immense happiness is in seeing their child's wagging tails.


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