10 Signs You Should Take Your Pet To A Vet


Emergencies do occur. And saving your dog's life depends on your ability to spot the warning symptoms at the earliest. But is it that easy? Just like people, dogs get scratches, puke up, and twist ankles, but most of the time it's not a huge problem. The most inconvenient times, like the middle of the night when your veterinarian is closed, are when real emergencies tend to happen. Not only should you be aware of the location of the nearest 24-hour emergency vet clinic, but you should also be aware of the actual circumstances that call for one. Here are 10 situations that indicate you need to make an ER appointment.


  1. Strange eating habits: Your dog skipping a meal or two is not unusual, especially if it's hot outside, but doing so more frequently than this can raise concerns. Your dog has to be examined if he goes for two days without eating. Certain illnesses force dogs to adopt strange dietary patterns. You should take your dog in for a check-up if they are typically well-behaved but start rifling through the refrigerator or trash.
  2. Extreme thirst: Knowing how much water your dog consumes daily is crucial. A dog who consumes more water than usual may be developing diabetes or kidney problems. If you have to refill the water bowl more frequently than usual, if your dog has excessive amounts of pee, if they need to go outdoors more frequently, or if they have accidents inside the home, you will know that they are drinking too much water.
  3. Rough or dry coat: A dog should have a silky, lustrous, and thick coat. Something may be wrong if the coat is drab, harsh, dry, or has bald patches. A skin condition, an allergy, or the incorrect kind of food could be to blame. In either case, taking a doubtful coat to the vet is a necessity.
  4. Being lethargic and worn out: Lethargy is an indication that your dog may be experiencing some sort of problem. A drowsy dog might not be enthusiastic about playing, taking walks, or engaging in other activities that they usually find enjoyable. Normal exhaustion or painful muscles can occasionally be caused by high temperatures, but if symptoms last longer than two days, you should contact a veterinarian.
  5. Vomiting: It's common for dogs to vomit on occasion. To get rid of anything that doesn't sit well with them, animals may vomit. However, you should be concerned if you vomit. Call the veterinarian right away, for instance, if your dog:
  • often throws up multiple times in a row
  • throws up blood 
  • is feverish

Seek treatment as soon as possible since severe vomiting might potentially result in diarrhoea or dehydration.

  1. Irregular stools: A stool is a reliable sign of a dog's general health. A dog in good health will produce moist, tiny, firm stools. Dry, hard stools could be an indication of nutritional issues, health issues, or dehydration. If your dog exhibits any of these signs, take them to the vet: 
  • worms detected in the stool
  • more than 24 hours of diarrhoea
  • straining
  • faeces with blood or mucous in it 
  1. Unexpected weight loss: You should consult a veterinarian if your dog suddenly loses weight, even if they are already overweight. Rapid and unexpected weight loss may be a sign of a significant medical problem. Inform your veterinarian if your dog loses 10% of its weight. This could only result in a 1-pound weight decrease in tiny dogs. 
  2. Red or cloudy eyes: Your dog's eyes may be infected or injured if they are cloudy or red, squint, or discharge excessively. Don't wait to bring your dog in for a checkup. Blindness can result from eye diseases that advance quickly. Infections can be cured with medication, and clinical symptoms can also be reduced.
  3. Dragging or scooting the rear: Your dog may have worms, clogged or diseased anal glands, a urinary tract infection, or diarrhoea if she is scooting or dragging her behind on the floor.
  4. Emergencies sign: If your dog exhibits any of the following signs, take them to the vet or an urgent care facility:
  • open wounds or perhaps fractured bones from trauma, such as being struck by a car, or other injuries
  • unconsciousness or stopped breathing 
  • recurrent vomiting - vomiting blood
  • seizure 
  • unexpected collapsing or trouble breathing
  • bleeding from the lips, nose, or eyes 
  • potential poisoning from ingesting a hazardous substance
  • intense pain that is manifested as whimpering or shaking 
  • a hard, bulging abdomen 

A dog will make an effort to look healthy on the outside because it is in their nature to survive. As a pet owner, it's crucial to pay attention to even the smallest changes. Take your dog to the vet for a check-up if something appears off because you know your dog better than anyone else. 

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