Benebone: The Ultimate Chew Toy For Dogs, Now In India


Chew toy for Dogs

Benebone: The Ultimate Chew Toy For Dogs, Now In India

Coming back to the house and finding your favourite shoes or new carpet chewed is never fun. There are several reasons why your furry friend chews on things. It is normal behaviour of your canine to chew. Our furry pals love chewing as it accomplishes a number of things for them. For young dogs, it is a way to relieve pain, and for older dogs, it is a way of cleaning and keeping jaws healthy. Understanding the reason why your dog chomps on everything is necessary. In this blog, we will provide an ultimate chew toy to save your favourite shoes from getting chewed. So, keep reading to find a great solution to your dog's chewing behaviour. 

Why do dogs love chewing?

All dogs love to chew, and your aim as a pet parent should be to encourage your dog to chew appropriate toys rather than valuable furniture. There can be several reasons why your dog loves chewing, which might include;


1) Explore

You will find your newly adopted pup chewing on everything that comes his way. Chewing is a way for canines to explore a new area. Just like we taste something before eating, the same way, dogs chew to get acquainted with a new environment. Thus, it is normal behaviour of a dog to chew on furniture to investigate new places. 

2) Self-care

For new puppies chewing is a tactic to get relief from the pain of new teeth popping up through their gums. For senior dogs, chewing is a way to keep their teeth clean and gums healthy. Chewing helps in minimising the build-up of plaque and tartar. 

Dog Chew Toy

3) Entertainment

Most of the time, dogs chew on furniture to kill boredom. When dogs are left for hours without physical or mental stimulation, they are likely to get bored. You can buy super interactive toys for your dog while he is alone at home. 

Dog Chew Toy

4) Separation anxiety 

If your dog chews every time you leave home, it might be due to the feeling of loneliness. To relieve himself from the anxiety, your dog will chew on anything and everything. Sometimes having too much space to roam in a new place can become overwhelming for a puppy leading to chewing out of anxiety. 

5) Hunger

A dog on a calorie-restricted diet might try to chew on things to fulfil his nutritional needs. Imagine when we are on a diet, sometimes we become frustrated and angry. In the same way, when your pup is on a diet, he too becomes frustrated and starts chewing. 


What NOT to do if your dog chews on furniture?

Dog chew Toy

You might feel angry and sad about the behaviour of your pet, but being angry will not solve your problem. Do not scold, spank or punish your pup for the destruction caused. It will only affect your bond. Don't duct tape your dog's mouth to stop him from chewing on furniture. It is inhumane and not at all safe. If you want your dog to stay away from chewing on furniture, you can provide him with a chew toy.


What is a chew toy?

Chewing is often considered a negative behaviour of a dog - especially when it comes to your canine chewing on furniture. However, chewing is very beneficial for dogs. And thus, the more important question to focus on is how to make your dog stop chewing on furniture. 

You can prevent your pup from chewing on your favourite shoes or furniture by providing him with chew toys. These are specifically designed toys for your pets to be chewed on for stimulation and boredom relief. 

Benebone: The Best Chew Toy For Dogs

If you are looking for a flavoursome chew toy for your pup with real flavours and an enticing aroma to catch your Doggos attention, then Benebone is the best chew toy for your furry friend. 

Dogs love the real flavour, push durability to the limit and don’t have thumbs, and Benebone, is specifically made to deliver your pup with these features. 

Dog Chew Toy

What is Benebone?

Benebone is nothing but a bone-shaped chew toy for dog. They are non-edible chew toys infused with real flavours. Benebones come in different flavours and dimensions according to the dog size. 

Benefits of Using Benebone 

Regularly chewing on chew toys such as real flavour-infused Benebones has many benefits that help keep your pooch healthy and happy. Following are the benefits of using a Benebone;

Dog Chew Toy

1) Comes with real flavour

Benebones are infused with real flavours to attract your dog. Your dog won't be able to resist its delicious flavour and aroma. 

Dog Chew Toy

2) Paw-friendly grip 

Dogs don't have a thumb keeping this as the core idea behind the product, Benebones are designed as a paw-friendly toy so that your pup can hold it easily. 

Dog Chew Toy

3) Different sizes

Benebone products come in different dimensions for different sizes of dogs. From tiny to giant, give your pup a bone according to size. 

4) USA-sourced ingredients

Benebones are made with USA-sourced nylon and flavoured with USA-sourced natural ingredients - real peanuts, chicken, pork, fish, beef or maple wood. 

5) Different flavours

Benebone comes in different flavours, which include bacon, chicken, peanut butter, jack salmon and maple wood. Buy the flavour that your dog loves.

Variations Of Benebone Available on Pawsindia

Dog dental Chew

1) Benebone Dental Chew

The dental chew has stimulating ridges to keep your puppy's teeth clean. It is infused with 100% real chicken and bacon for flavour. The Dental Chew is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going. 

Benebone wishbone

2) Benebone Wishbone

Long lasting durable chews with real bacon, peanut and chicken infused all the way through, your dog will love Benebone Wishbone. Made in the USA from durable nylon and real USA-sourced bacon, it will keep your dog chewing with joy!

Dog Chew Toy

3) Benebone Fishbone

Inspired by the protein of the sea, the fishbone is flavoured with real Jack Salmon, so your dog will go nuts for the smell of it. The bent fish form is paw-friendly yet challenging enough to keep your pooch cognitively active. 

Dog chew toy

4) Benebon Zaggler Rolling

In life, the chase can be half the fun. The Zaggler likes to roll around and chase. It’s constantly on the move! The long-lasting nylon chew toy is created in the US and has 100 percent authentic bacon taste for long-lasting, addictive chewing.

Dog chew Toy

5) Benebone Maplestick

Real sticks are a dirty, splintering mess. The Maple stick's unique shape means it's always easy to grab hold of and get a good chew going. Upgrade your pup's fetch game. It is infused with real flavour from yummy maple wood to mimic your puppy’s favourite outdoor fetch toy. 

Appropriate chewing is an essential part of your pup's life. Don't scold or stop him from chewing rather, encourage your pup to chew on the right things. You can always buy your dog a Benebone from Pawsindia.


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