Calm Hemp Seed Oil for Pets.


We all develop a special bond with our pets. We treat them as our family and look after their long life and healthy living. Our furry buddies grow old with us but much more rapidly. In their total life span, they face serious health conditions - mentally and physically. Let's take a look at a miraculous remedy that has proven to work wonders for pets – PawsIndia Organics Calm Hemp Seed Oil. A lot of taboo revolves around the production and usage of hemp seed oil for pets. Let's clear the air surrounding this magical medicinal remedy.

Hemp Seed Oil is a cold-pressed oil extracted from the seed of the hemp plant. The hemp plant belongs to the Cannabis Sativa plant genome. The Cannabis (marijuana) plant belongs to the same family, but they have contrasting properties. The hemp plant seed does not contain any

tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the compound known to create the "high" or euphoria that comes from the consumption of marijuana.

The lesser-known fact about hemp seed oil is that the seed has a plethora of omega - 3, 6 fatty acids. It is no surprise that omega fatty acids have proven to have a series of positive effects on pet's health. Studies have shown the use of Omega 3 resulting in improved brain development, reduced inflammation, strengthened immune system, and much more in pets. We see such fatty acids in fish oils such as salmon, which can be very expensive. Hemp oil can be a healthier, cheaper, and 100% vegetarian alternative for your pets. Hemp Seed Oil helps with skin conditions, heart health, brain health, and pain relief for pets. It's not that your pet is going to act psychoactive upon the consumption of this oil. It's only going to help them recover better and aid in their treatment.

Let's explore some queries for a better understanding of Hemp Seed Oil:

Q. Why your pet needs Hemp seed oil?

  • 1. They are hyperactive.
  • 2. They have anxiety.
  • 3. They are recovering from a disease.
  • 4. They need treatment for an ailment.
  • 5. They face skin conditions like - allergies, ticks, lice, mites, fleas.
  • 6. They are suffering a lot of pain.


Use hemp seed oil if your pet is diagnosed with chronic issues like seizures, epilepsy, or osteoarthritis. Weather conditions like heavy thunderstorms and bursting firecrackers, loud noises, etc. put pets in a state of frenzy. You can even offer your pet hemp seed oil beforehand, sensing a tense situation forming for your pet. The hemp seed oil will relax your pet and allow you to have better control over them.

Q. How to use Hemp Seed Oil?
The hemp seed oil has a simple application. It is safe to use topically or orally. You can offer it by feeding your pet or applying it to the affected area for skin conditions. Always consult your pet's veterinary doctor before giving them hemp seed oil.
The topical application of hemp seed oil under your pets' fur bears fruitful results for their skin and coat. You can apply the oil to their joints for better mobility. It helps avoid the risk of arthritis and problems that come with old age. Hemp Seed Oil nourishes your dogs' skin by giving them the advantages of EFA on oral consumption and form a protective barrier on topical application to the affected area or fur.

Q. What are its benefits?

1. It supports skin and coat health. For tick infections, the spot application of hemp seed oil helps cure the skin. It aids in the healthy growth of hair and improves the overall texture of their coat.

2. It helps the fluid movement of joints which in turn improves flexibility and comfort. As dogs and cats age, their movement gets limited. There is also a fear of them getting arthritis in the longer run. The use of hemp seed oil in food and topical application on joints helps improve their mobility and flexibility.

3. It relaxes the pet mentally and relieves it of panic, anxiety, and pain. Consumption of hemp seed oil relaxes their mind and eases them of mental strain caused due to external, mental, or physical circumstances.

4. It helps develop your pet's cardiovascular capabilities. Aging and obesity may lead to heart issues in pets. Consumption of hemp seed oil in food helps provide complete nutrition and a well-balanced diet for your pet.

5. It helps strengthen their entire immune system. The hemp seed is not just a one problem wonder. It aims at the holistic development of a pet.

Q: Will it make my dog/cat high? Not at all. Hemp Seed Oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the compound that generates the feeling of being high on the consumption of marijuana. Hemp Seed Oil naturally relaxes pets and only benefits them in every single way.

Q. Why choose PawsIndia Organics’ Calm Hemp Seed Oil? PawsIndia Organics’ Hemp Seed Oil is 100% natural. It has abundant omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids. It has a higher nutrient value while being a cheaper alternative to salmon oil. Hemp oil is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Hemp Seed Oil provides all these benefits while being completely VEGAN. Also, it has no aftertaste and also doesn't give your pets bad breath or odour. In totality, it provides a complete, well-balanced diet and all-around protection for your pet. PawsIndia's Calm Hemp Seed Oil is an effective supplement for your pets to go with their daily diet. It contains 0.00% THC and provides a perfect balance of Omega-3, 6. Our Calm Hemp Seed Oil is 100% organic, plant-based, vegan oil and a viable alternative to fish or salmon oil. Calm Hemp Seed Oil is not a psychoactive product and will relax your pet effectively. It helps them relax under tense and stressful situations such as separation anxiety, fireworks, travel, etc.

PawsIndia is a one-stop-shop pet portal for all your pet product needs. We are a leading product development and design company for pets. Our strive for innovation reflects in all our products. We are the forerunners of e-com platforms that provide content, serve local businesses with handcrafted products, and are the ultimate platform for the well-being of your pet. What makes us different? Pet parents want us! Our mission is to make their life easy and their pet happy. And a parent's immense happiness is in seeing their child's wagging tails. With PawsIndia – You Parent, We Pamper. Let's revolutionize the pet space together.

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