Common Diseases In Cats and Dogs


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If you are a pawrent, your pet is an indispensable part of the family. And just like other family members can catch a cold and cough, even our pet can get sick at times. Like us, even our pet needs a little extra care and medical attention when suffering from an illness. It is hard to see our pets suffering and we always want to see our fur babies healthy and happy. 

The good news is it is not hard to keep our doggies and cats happy and healthy. All we need to focus is on a healthy lifestyle. That's why we are here with the solution to the most common diseases in cats and dogs.

Common Diseases Found In Dogs & Cats

Have you ever wondered what ailments your pets are most frequently affected by? Well, believe it or not, there are quite a few illnesses that pets are prone to that are common and treatable. But if these diseases are left untreated, they can cause discomfort in our pets. 

Common Diseases in Dogs

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1) Influenza

When it comes to dog flu, it is always good to be prepared. While most cases of influenza are not fatal but can make your dog feel uncomfortable and irritated. It is a common and contagious respiratory disease caused by strains of viruses. All breeds and ages of dogs are susceptible to catching the influenza virus. 

If you notice your Pooch coughing, sneezing, having nasal discharge or fever, then there are chances that he might be suffering from influenza. 

There is no cure for canine flu. Being a pawrent, all you can do is make your pet feel comfortable at home. A little extra love, care and a change in diet will help your pup in recovering. 

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2) Diabetes 

Do you know, like humans, dogs can also suffer from diabetes? Though it used to be a rare disease but has become quite common. There are numerous reasons for canine diabetes, but the most common is poor lifestyle conditions. It is a hormonal disease where the pancreas fails to produce insulin. There is no cure for diabetes, but can be effectively managed with proper diet and lifestyle. 

Canines suffering from diabetes will show symptoms like drinking, eating, and urinating more than usual. Another common sign might include a cataract. 

A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits are the most common causes of diabetes in dogs. You can prevent diabetes in your dog by feeding a healthy and well-balanced diet. Give your dogs healthy treats that don't have any salt, sugar, seasonings, or preservatives to ensure your dog gets all-around nutrition like Pawsindia Organics Raw Bites. Obese dogs are more prone to diabetes, so make sure your dog gets enough exercise.

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3) Diarrhoea

Healthy dogs normally produce hard and firm stools. But for some reason, if your pet is producing loose stool, then there are chances that he might be suffering from diarrhoea. This condition occurs when large or small intestines are not working efficiently because of inadequate food digestion, excessive fluid production by the intestines or inadequate fluid absorption, or irregular bowel movements.

The first symptom of diarrhoea you will observe in your pet is loose or liquid stool. You may also observe a change in colour or the passing of mucus or blood in the stool. Your pet might be taking frequent trips to the backyard and may experience difficulty expelling stools. 

Well, there are several causes of diarrhoea in pets, but the most common is diet. A sudden change in diet or consumption of a foreign object might result in stomach problems leading to diarrhoea. Other causes might include bacterial or parasitic infections. 

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4) Obesity 

Sometimes our unconditional love makes our dog obese. Giving them frequent sugar-filled treats and not taking them out for a walk might result in obesity. You might not find obesity a huge problem, but it can lead to various other health problems ranging from bone/skeletal problems to cardiovascular problems and hormonal imbalances. 

Feeding more than the pet will burn in exercise, and lack of exercise results in obesity in dogs. Just like humans, dogs needs daily workout to burn fats. Some breeds like terrier breeds, spaniels, dachshunds, beagles and Labrador Retrievers are more prone to obesity. 

Replacing sugary treats with healthy nutritious dog treats along with proper exercise can help a lot in managing the weight of your Pooch. If at times you miss having a workout session with your pup, then you can go for interactive toys. Interactive toys with treat dispensers that keep on moving burn calories as your dog keeps on running behind it for rewards. Interactive toys keep pooches engaged during playtime giving them the much-needed exercise. There are a wide array of interactive dog toys available on Pawsindia, among them the best are Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, Wicked Bone, and Trembling Monster. 

5) Bladder stone

Your dog may have bladder stones, if she has unintentionally left puddles on your floor, has difficulty in pooping, or if blood has been found in her urine. The formation of mineral compounds that build up in your dog's bladder or Urethra is known as bladder stones. 

Bladder stones are very painful and cause discomfort in your pup while urinating. They might show signs like lethargy, abdominal pain, and blood in the urine.

Consult with your veterinarian for medication to dissolve the stone. A special diet may also help to minimise the formation of bladder stones. 

Common Diseases Found In Cats

Pet Diseases

1) Bladder or Urinary Tract Disease

Generally, pet owners are very familiar with their pets' bathroom habits, and it can also be an excellent way to keep an eye on your pets' urinary tract health. If your cat's bathroom habits suddenly change, it might be a sign of a urinary tract problem. When the urinary tract organs, which include the urethra and bladder, get infected or obstructed, your catto might have difficulty urinating. 

If you find blood in your cat's urine or if your cat cries in pain while urinating, there might be chances of Urinary Tract problems. You can also look for other symptoms like frequent urination in small amounts, excessive licking of the genital area, and lethargy.

If you find your cat having bladder problems, then increase your kitty's water consumption and modify its diet. If the problem remains persistent, then consult a vet. 

Cat diseases

2) Hyperthyroidism

One of the most common problems in older cats is the thyroid. Cats have two thyroid glands located in their neck. Overproduction of the thyroid gland leads to hyperthyroidism which can make your cat hyperactive. Exposure to high levels of dietary iodine may be a reason behind the overproduction of the gland. 

Cats affected with hyperthyroidism may become restless or cranky. Other symptoms might include weight loss despite an increase in hunger, vomiting, weakness and difficulty breathing. 

Hyperthyroidism can be treated with surgery or oral medication. It is better to consult a vet to choose the best treatment plan for your Feline. You can use an iodine-limited diet for faster recovery of your kitty. 

Cat Diseases

3) Diarrhoea 

Your cat's poop might reveal a lot about its health. When you scoop out the litter box, whether you've just acquired your first kitten or have lived with cats for years, keep an eye out for a few crucial indications. Most cats poop at least once a day, and a healthy poop will be deep brown colour, not too hard or mushy, and the odour will not be too foul. If your kitty's poop does not fulfil the above conditions then there are chances that she might be suffering from diarrhoea. 

Pooping accidents around the house or loose stools are the common sign of diarrhoea in kitties. You might also see blood in the poop. There are several causes of diarrhoea, but the most common are changes in diet, Worms (intestinal parasites), or hyperthyroidism. 

The treatment of diarrhoea depends on the underlying cause, but it is not a fatal disease. A combination of medication, diet, and exercise can make your cat happy and healthy again. 

Cat diseases

4) Tapeworms

Cat tapeworms are long, flat white worms having hook-like mouths that attach to the wall of your cat's small intestine. They can occasionally grow 2 feet long. 

Weight loss and vomiting are two modest signs of a tapeworm infection. The simplest way to tell whether your cat has tapeworms is to look at its faeces and the region around its anus. If you spot little white worms, or what seems to be sesame or rice grains, your cat most likely has tapeworms. If the tapeworms enter the stomach, then your cat might even start to vomit. 

Cats nearly always ingest a flea before developing tapeworms, thus you can use flea control products to address the issue. There are several treatments for cat tapeworms, but not all of them work equally well. You should consult your veterinarian for the best guidance on the kind of deworming preparation that is appropriate for your cat. 

Cat disease

5) Cat Hairball

Cats are very good at keeping themselves clean. They are good at self-grooming and rarely need bathing. However, during self-grooming, sometimes they swallow loose hair, which can lead to a cat hairball. A cat's hairball is unpleasant and can lead to intestinal issues. 

A cat hairball is nothing but a collection of cat hair and digestive juices formed in the stomach while cats self-groom themselves. Usually, your cat will vomit to get rid of the hairball, but sometimes it may turn into a digestive issue. Some common symptoms include cough, choking, retching, lack of appetite, lethargy, constipation, and diarrhoea. 

Being a pawrent, it is worrisome to find our cattos suffering from a disease, but cat hairballs are very common, and there's nothing to worry about. You cannot totally prevent hairballs in cats by following some preventative measures like grooming daily, discouraging excessive grooming, and changing the cat's diet, which can help to reduce the occurrence of the hairball. 

You will find that most diseases are due to a lack of proper nutrition and exercise. Giving your pet healthy and nutritious food is the first and foremost responsibility of pet-parents. Just like our body reacts to unhealthy food the same way, our pet's body reacts as well. But finding the 'right' products has become difficult due to various choices available in the market. That's where you can trust Pawsindia. We are here to deliver you authentic pet products to ease your parenting. 

Pawsindia is one of the leading e-commerce websites. We provide top-notch pet foods over a wide range of choices and premium pet accessories for your beloved pooches and cats. For us, happiness means a healthy wagging tail. Let's revolutionise the pet space together. 

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