Pitbull’s attack in Lucknow; Should we fear or work on a solution?



Your canine companion always offers you comfort and ease. Even your saddest days become fun by cuddling your dog. You will always find your four-legged friend wagging his tail on the door to welcome you back from work. But sometimes, just like humans, our pups start to act strangely or show aggression by growling, barking and occasionally even biting. While most of us think it is the dog's fault, we forget to look at the other side. Taking care of a dog requires constant discipline and effort. 

There are many underlying causes of change in dog's behaviour so before we jump to a conclusion, let's first understand what causes such changes in dogs, how to tackle them and what pet care products can help you calm your dog.

Lucknow Pitbull dog attacks owner

Recently, a very heartbreaking incident came to light where a female Pitbull mauled an 82-year-old elderly woman to death. We regret this whole incident, but this news has reignited a debate about whether some dogs like Pitbulls are inherently too dangerous to be a pet. This whole incident has spread a shock wave in the pet parent's world. Reportedly, after this incident, many people decided to abandon their pets. We get that the first thought you might have had after this incident is that the dogs are dangerous. But it is NOT true! 

Cbd Oil for Dogs

We have always believed in providing easy solutions to all the problems faced by pawrents in managing their pets, and thus, we are here to provide you with solutions to tackle aggression in dogs. With the help of behaviour modification techniques and natural remedies like CBD oil, you can keep your dog calm, happy and healthy. 

What is aggression in dogs?

Aggression in dogs is a major concern for most of the pawrents. When someone says their dog is aggressive, the first thought that comes to our mind is that the dog bites. But that's not true. Aggression can mean a lot of things which can include, snarling, growling, snapping, biting, or barking. 

Whatever your dog does in aggression the primary thing is to understand what triggers the behaviour. Knowing the underlying cause of aggression can make treatment easier and more efficient.  

Signs of aggression in dogs

Can you tell your dog is nervous to the point of being aggressive? What kinds of signs and body language your pup shows when he becomes aggressive? Knowing answers to such questions can help you anticipate his aggressive behaviour and help in early treatment. The most common signs of aggression in dogs might include stiff body posture, growling, ears pinned backwards, snarling, baring teeth and bites. 

Cbd oil for Dogs

Why is my dog aggressive? 

Just like humans, every dog is different and understands things differently. So, to know the real reason for your dog's aggressive behaviour, you will need to find the problem from the root by noting his behaviour. It is very rare for a dog to get aggressive without any particular reason. 

Most often the culprit behind the dog's aggressive behaviour is lack of exercise, but other causes can include pain or illness, protecting his territory, fear, anxiety, change in lifestyle, and being possessive towards their parents. 

In case, your dog suddenly starts to act aggressive, it might be signalling they are in pain. An aggressive dog that is trying to establish dominance may show it by attacking other dogs or acting strangely around new family members. The common types of aggression found in dogs include:

1) Possessive aggression or Guarding territory

Sometimes a dog acts aggressive with certain toys, their beds or bowls and even when it comes to his hooman. The reason is that the item in question might be their favourite. They might act aggressively towards another dog or a human who tries to approach their favourite things or persons. The degree of aggression may vary from a slight growl to barking depending on the object. 

Cbd oil for dogs

2) Fear

Just like humans, dogs do fear certain things and even humans. When faced with a scary situation, a dog becomes nervous and acts strangely. Depending on the gravity of the situation, the dog might growl or even bite to feel secure. In most such situations, the response is caused due to a past trauma. 

3) Show of Dominance

Dogs are known as pack animals and love to mark their terrority. Generally, a dog does not permit any other dog to enter his marked area. But when this behaviour is displayed in a domestic environment, it develops aggression. This happens mostly in senior dogs who want to establish dominance. Generally, this type of aggression is shown towards other dogs, but sometimes it can occur with people as well.

4) Pain-induced aggression

Sometimes your dog acts strangely because they are in discomfort or pain. Though, they might not bite in such cases until and unless someone irritates them intentionally. In such cases, changing behavioural patterns is inappropriate. Take them to a vet for proper treatment. 

cbd oil for dogs

5) Socialising and Exercise 

Our four-legged friends love to go for a walk, exercise and socialise with other dogs. The reason why exercise affects dogs is that dogs are generally energetic animals. If they spend too much time sitting at home, they might get grumpy and aggressive.

6) Stress-induced aggression

At times a dog acts strangely because of the stress he is feeling due to big changes in the environment. A stressor could be anything like a loud construction noise in a nearby area or staying away from his favourite hooman.  

7) Mating 

Urge to procreate usually causes violence among animals. Thus, a senior dog who has developed hormones coursing through its body might become agitated and over-stimulated. This agitation will lead to frustration which will lead to aggression. 

Cbd oil for dogs

Dog breeds and Aggression 

There is a huge misconception in Indian society related to dogs and the most prevalent one is that dogs are aggressive. Society has spread the words that breed, such as Pitbulls, Dobermans or Rottweilers are aggressive. This is just a myth. There's nothing like the most aggressive or least aggressive dog breeds. In fact, breeds like Pitbull and Rottweilers are known as nanny dogs, the dogs would protect the children just like a human nanny. 

The behaviour of a dog depends on various factors and the most important are exercise and social outings. A breed like Pitbull requires vigorous exercise from running miles to hiking. If a pitbull's energy is not strained, it might create havoc in the house. Thus, if you are a first time pawrent, then we would suggest you to go for a breed that is easy to manage like Beagle or Pug.

A formula to prevent a dog's aggressive behaviour is simple in most cases - exercise, training, socialising, and lots of love. 

Cbd oil for dogs

Why do these factors influence dog behaviour?

Dog aggression has become a serious problem creating a negative image in the news. Well, no dog wants to be in bad news or imagines being in bad news. Many researchers have shown various underlying causes of aggression in dogs and most commonly it is a lack of proper exercise and training. 

Indian society thinks that punishing a dog will teach him faster but experts say that a dog becomes aggressive and fearful if a pet parent uses harsh techniques while training. Dogs don't like scolding or punishment. Rather positive reinforcements work better while training a pet. 

Most people in India don't do proper research while buying a pet. Indian society is usually attracted to big breeds like Pitbull which require proper maintenance. Akash Pal, an expert dog handler, says, it’s crucial to understand the behaviour of dogs before you decide to keep them. 

A general problem that is witnessed in India is that pet parents don't take their pets out for a walk. Dr Priyadarshini, a Chennai-based veterinarian, says, "Even in normal circumstances, some canine parents walk their dogs only under duress. The pandemic has become an excuse to not walk them at all. Dogs are intelligent animals and need a lot of activity to engage their mind and body to prevent unwanted behavioural patterns. While dogs enjoy the company of their humans, it is still important that they be kept occupied.”

Ways to handle aggression in dogs

cbd oil for dogs

Make a note of when your pooch becomes aggressive and keep a check on his behaviour patterns. Finding an underlying cause of aggression will help you in making strategies to handle your pet. There are many ways through which you can manage hostility in your pooch, but be patient as it might consume time. 

Below are a few steps that might help you in solving the behaviour of your furry friend;

1) See a Veterinarian: If your dog has become suddenly aggressive then the cause might be due to pain or discomfort resulting from a medical condition. Dogs cannot speak in words, when something is wrong, they show it with a change in behaviour. Thus, if your dog has become aggressive then the first thing is to visit a veterinarian to check for any pain or illness.

2) Dog trainer: Aggression might not go away itself. If your vet has ruled out a medical problem, then call out a professional dog trainer for help. Seeking guidance from a trainer can help you in finding the root cause of your canine's aggression. A good trainer can help you find the reason for your pet aggression and help in modifying his behaviour.

3) Positive reinforcement: Avoid punishing your dog for being aggressive. It might get backfired and the situation can become worse. If your pup is nervous and fearful,raising your voice on him will only make him more afraid and aggressive. Be calm and soothe your pet. Reward him when he behaves properly and try to ignore or teach him the right thing when he is wrong.

4) Mental stimulation: Most of the time, a dog acts aggressive due to boredom. Mental stimulation is one of the easiest ways to burn off excessive energy. Thus, it is important to incorporate mental stimulation everyday. You can do so by providing your dog with interactive toys. 

Interactive dog Toys

5) Strengthen your bond: Try to establish communication with your dog with the help of positive reinforcements. See his behaviour patterns around different types of toys and food. Provide him with the things he loves the most. Remain calm when they do something wrong. Snuggle them and help them when they are scared. Just like a human relationship, a relationship with a pet also requires effort to grow.

Another way of reducing your furry pal's aggression is by using CBD oil. It is a natural alternative to calm your dog. Keep on reading to know how CBD oil can be beneficial. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is obtained from the hemp part of the cannabis plant. Hemp and marijuana are the two varieties of the cannabis plant. The main difference between the two is a compound - THC. THC is a substance with psychoactive qualities that when ingested leads to intoxication or a high-like feeling. Contrarily, the hemp portion of the cannabis plant has a THC content of just 0.3 per cent, which is much too little to have any effect on your dog. Typically, hemp is used to create CBD oil for dogs and other animals.

Do CBD oil work on aggressive dogs?

There is a lot of research showing the positive effects of CBD oil on our pawsome friends. CBD induces calming effects on your dog. Numerous studies support the claim that CBD oil for dog aggressiveness can reduce all forms of anxiety, including aggression and separation anxiety. CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your dog to have a soothing effect. When a dog consumes CBD oil, the immune systems of the dog are stimulated by the CBD and other active chemicals. These receptors are in charge of controlling the release of hormones and enzymes that affect pain, stress, sleep, inflammation, and aggression.

In research published in Scientific Reports in 2021, 12 shelter dogs received daily CBD oil doses for 45 days before having their behaviour compared to a control group.Researchers discovered that canines that consumed CBD behaved a little less aggressively toward people.

cbd oil for dogs

If you decide to give it a try, you can go for Pawsindia Organic - Relax Broad Spectrum CBD oil for Dogs with zero THC. It contains broad spectrum CBD along with the benefits of MCT oil to make your pup reap all the benefits of CBD easily. It is made in the UK and thoroughly lab tested. Enhance your pet's holistic growth with Relax Broad Spectrum CBD.

In conclusion, dogs are friendly creatures. They adore us wholeheartedly and sometimes act strangely. be there for your dog and they will always welcome you with a wagging tail. 

When in doubt, you can easily trust Pawsindia. PawsIndia is a one-stop-shop pet portal for all your pet product needs. We are a leading e-commerce business dealing in a wide array of pet food, toys, and supplies. Our mission is to bring a change in the paw's world by making pet products easily accessible to parents and to keep our fur babies happy and healthy. Let's revolutionise the pet space together. 

With PawsIndia - You Parent, We Pamper


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